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      Each deceived its own detox fat burner king, mediterranean diet weight loss program saying that korea weight loss pills the other had mediterranean diet weight loss program surrendered. mediterranean diet weight loss program

      After all, a future Confucian saint with righteousness can make good friends.

      If you are not afraid of death, just go and try But if you stay, the poor will kill you too.

      Dozens of fireballs flew out of his sleeves like meteors, twirling, and the hot wind hit Ji Xiang directly.

      Everyone was taken aback And that Xiaodaotong was expressionless I knew just now that they would make it like this.

      Lady Hou looked at the clay statue god at this time, a trace of surprise and fear flashed Keto Pill Kylie Jenner korea weight loss pills in her eyes, but mediterranean diet weight loss program soon, she took a deep mediterranean diet weight loss program Natural Weight Loss Pills breath, silently retreated to the back, but took out a white hair from under the bed.

      It s just that why haven t the three Vulcans come yet Why don t the three fire gods come The emperor is about to die.

      Master, you are back. Ji Xiang turned his head and glanced at the door of Longde Hall.

      Jining Mansion I will proactol weight loss pill put this matter on your father s head first, and I will find your father someday This king will help you kill him After speaking, the light on the talisman disappeared, which meant that the call was hung up.

      Even if the Yuanshi Heavenly King descends, it s nonsense. Ji Xiang I mean if, if you understand.

      He quickly put his sword on his back, kicked the ground, and retreated sharply, not daring to let her touch the Yuebo God s curse on the Taiyi Sanyuan Sword, but smashed out the altar wood with his backhand But the town altar wood was directly crushed into dozens of pieces by Lord Huo with his slender hands After this move, Ji Xiang took many steps back and briefly opened up a distance.

      I also hope mediterranean diet weight loss program that you will continue to consider whether it is worth giving up chasing the Dao for these stupid beings in the yang world.

      Ji Xiang slowly opened the door, stood aside, didn t know how to start a conversation, just stood with his eyes closed, when someone came in and made a big salute.

      Emperor Hanling, have you heard The female fairy frowned Emperor Ling of the Han Dynasty I have never heard of the emperor of the Liu family with this posthumous title When I was alive, the emperor of the Liu family was called Liu Zhi.

      In the eyes of the old man Lei Xuan, there was a little light of enlightenment at this moment.

      The opponent will ignore the opponent s body protection attribute, thus causing piercing damage.

      It can Does Vitamin D Supplements Cause Weight Loss mediterranean diet weight loss program be imprisoned for refining and refining. It only takes a day for a vicious thing to turn into a black bean.

      The eunuch explained, The Void Emperor s Treasure Altar is the altar of the Taoist Taixu God.

      The King of Zhenjiang is very hot in his heart. He has been here for decades, and he has accumulated enough cultivation base.

      Break through Huang Ting and complete the innate transformation. Huang Tingjing and Xiantian realm, the disgusting lies in those 12 years, three years to enter Huangting, nine years to become Xiantian, there is almost no way to shorten it, and to practice these two realms, there is also the difference between giving up cultivation and not giving up cultivation.

      It seemed that the Wenxiang believers were going to find the Seven Treasure Tower, or they might be besieging and killing Ji Xiang Form a group to give away heads Feng Menglong had seen all of Ji Xiang s previous actions, and was not at all worried that these Wenxiang disciples would find Ji Xiang.

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      A vicious hell ghost. The crows sing the ghosts and gods of the country.

      Countless court ladies and eunuchs have become charred corpses. The taking diet pills before getting pregnant tall palace, the gate beams and pillars of the carved beams and painted buildings, were charred and only the wreckage remained.

      If I attack you again, I ll resist the calamity and add disaster mediterranean diet weight loss program to mediterranean diet weight loss program Natural Weight Loss Pills my disaster.

      This Taoist had gray hair, but his mediterranean diet weight loss program face mediterranean diet weight loss program Natural Weight Loss Pills was like a young man s, handsome and handsome.

      Almost at the gates of the county seat And now there is a sea of fire in the county town The Wenxiang believers actually started killing people It s just that the which depression medication is best for weight loss people they killed were all those gamblers who lost their minds It s hard to believe that we are usually neighbors, and maybe we borrowed rice sauce and vinegar from each other, but when we turned around, the neighbor came over with a big kitchen knife and killed you, and a head shot up on the spot.

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      After all, the so called Emperor Zhenwu is actually Zhu Di, the Emperor of Yongle.

      Lao Zhang told Ji Xiang his plan, which is to oprah weight loss keto diet use the Jade Emperor to mend the sky.

      In fact, the Milong Casino is not very Health Food Store Diet Pills mediterranean diet weight loss program far from the county seat, it is just hidden in the boundary, so before running wildly in the boundary, mediterranean diet weight loss program now he suddenly returned to the underworld.

      It s easy to handle. I ll wait for the poor Taoist to help my brother find it.

      Isn t your wish to change this muddy world of Ming Dynasty, to change this world of sun, moon and light into the teaching of Huang Tian.

      This person is just standing here, dazzling like the sun, fierce yang energy gushes out from his body, and escapes in all directions like a waterfall.

      The civil servants called this old Shen a rogue in the market, which had something to do with the other party s personal style.

      On the shelf in this hall, he took down a wooden box and held it to Ji Xiang Master Ji might as well take a look at this.

      Ghosts and gods are most afraid of firearms. Firearms can weaken his power of ghosts and gods.

      If this matter spreads, I will be criticized by the old cabinet gang.

      There was no incense sticks mediterranean diet weight loss program Natural Weight Loss Pills around this tablet, and no one worshiped it.

      The inner alchemy is also known as the inner alchemy, and the one who has obtained the holy fetus is a mage who has truly possessed great abilities.

      At that time, the defensive measures of the attic were one gummy a day weight loss still very powerful.

      How To Lose Weight For Women Over 40

      There bet weight loss supplement is a huge difference in strength between you and me. I want to kill you again, but mediterranean diet weight loss program it s just an excuse.

      This is still his family, so the relationship is here. The father of the craftsman was very reluctant, but he was also happy for his son, so Nezhatou s mediterranean diet weight loss program child kowtowed respectfully and said goodbye to the father of the craftsman.

      Some foxes believed that the little fox had released their ecstasy control, and the person who released the control should be the soap mediterranean diet weight loss program clothed Taoist priest.

      You mean, you are a god who Does Vitamin D Supplements Cause Weight Loss mediterranean diet weight loss program descended from heaven to punish me It s really ridiculous.

      Tao Zhongwen said frankly that his ability is certainly not as good as that of the great master of Xuanjiao, so Tao Zhongwen thought of a way and asked Emperor Jiajing to mediterranean diet weight loss program move it from Zhenwu Mountain.

      At this time, most of the eyes in the arena were focused on the general who suppressed the field.

      The search continued for a while, but no results were obtained. Dongyue Temple also reported from mediterranean diet weight loss program time to time, saying that there was nothing wrong with it.

      After all, the fire released by this thing cannot be taken back, so he can only use his strength to extinguish the fire.

      At this time, the energy was extremely strong, and Ji Xiang felt that his body was full of strength.

      These raging fires never went out in the heavy rain Dust was flying, and in front of the West Gate, the light was shining brightly, and a wide avenue opened in most effective all natural diet pills front of the huge body of the torch mouth ghost.

      After Emperor Wanli finished speaking, he saw Liu Mengyin next to him.

      The spirit body was also killed, and Ji Xiang was too late Pick up the corpse, but look not far away The mud on Qian Guang s face had been wiped off by the brat, and the white bearded old man looked at Song Zhongzheng who had fallen to the ground suddenly, his face was extremely exciting and horrified You dare to kill the righteous god, this is a big mistake I will pray to heaven Qian Guang was about to cast a life snatching spell, but just as he was praying, Ji Xiang immediately pointed at him and shouted If you blame God, you have nothing to pray for To translate it, it means Pray for a fart if you offend God Qian Guang s prayer technique immediately failed, and a large amount of anger in his body was taken away in an instant, and he watched the huge anger pour into the body of the Taoist priest in front of him Chapter 30 You are a monster Who are you How do you know how to restrain us The old fire god Qian Guang was really shocked.

      He suddenly appeared here and said he wanted to save him. Pindao still Does Vitamin D Supplements Cause Weight Loss mediterranean diet weight loss program doesn t know why it s such a coincidence that His Highness came down Zhu Changluo mentioned it in his throat mediterranean diet weight loss program in one breath, only hoping that Ji Xiang didn t know that mediterranean diet weight loss program the main messenger was himself, but the relationship between himself and Lord Huo and the others seemed to have been exposed It was the heavy rain that put out the fire it s no coincidence that I was able to get in there.

      For the people, lamp oil is a very expensive thing, and if you can save it, you will save it.

      Because in the past few years, something happened to the Jinyiwei, and the commander and a fellow commander both lost their posts and were laid off.

      After finishing writing, Ji Xiang realized that this scripture was something he had never seen before.

      Dukes, sons in law, and Bo Zicheng Xun s relatives are in front of mediterranean diet weight loss program the military officer s class and a little away.

      Humans, monsters, or some practitioners, don t even think about getting out after entering.

      In the past, Ji Xiang often touched other divine cards, and nothing unusual happened, but only at this time The surrounding yellow air suddenly vibrated like a flame, and countless divine cards turned around Then, Ji Xiang suddenly heard a voice, it was the voice of chanting In the past, in the blue sky, blue sky singing, great floating land Then, a divine tablet began to vibrate, and its brilliance new weight loss drug fda approval dropped, as if a passage had been opened.

      Ji Xiang s tone was serious Enemies should be resolved rather than knotted.

      Nan Yangzi thanked Ji Xiang for his great kindness, and said that if there is anything in mediterranean diet weight loss program the future, all the Quanzhen Taoists in the south, and all his disciples will agree, but it is a pity that the mountain gate and the precious bell passed down by the ancestors of the mediterranean diet weight loss program Natural Weight Loss Pills past generations are here It s sad to be destroyed.

      Surrender the throne of the Jade Emperor, and Paul and the rest of the kingdom will grow forever Therefore, Song Huizong did not hesitate mediterranean diet weight loss program too much.

      After Beizhen Fusi showed his driver s card, the ceremonial masters who yelled about violating human rights instantly became dumb.

      Its function is Huh Concubine Shang stared at Ji Xiang, and suddenly smiled strangely Looking at your expression, why do you seem to know this thing Of course Ji Xiang couldn t say that he knew everything now, but he quickly explained No, poor Xiaodao, I was frightened by the origin of this thing.

      Putting down the sack, Ji Xiang began to burn incense and stamps, and casually took out the talisman paper to write.

      It s in the front. Go out of the front door, turn right and go a hundred steps forward, which is the Xizi Gate.

      He pretended to be a Taoist and mingled among you. Now, he is the one who caused you to become like this Have you seen the appearance of Pindao Xuanmiao Temple has become like mediterranean diet weight loss program Natural Weight Loss Pills this, and half of Pindao s face has become long island medical weight loss east meadow like this, and he is also mediterranean diet weight loss program Natural Weight Loss Pills responsible for it You are possessed by ghosts, the instigator of all this is him Nan Yangzi pointed at Ji Xiang, but at this time Ji Xiang was made extremely ugly by the five evils of heaven and man, his mediterranean diet weight loss program hair was disheveled and he couldn t see, his body was filthy, and his stench was rising, he was indeed like a monster.

      The flames can t even burn away the dust accumulated on the beams, bricks and tiles, which is amazing.

      it must take twelve years, this is almost unchangeable. Three years of divine fire training, enduring the pain, the pearls fall into the yellow Does Vitamin D Supplements Cause Weight Loss mediterranean diet weight loss program court Nine years of facing the wall and not speaking, the old body is weight loss thermogenic non stimulant supplements transformed mediterranean diet weight loss program into a new one, an innate change.

      It s just that the wish I gave mediterranean diet weight loss program Natural Weight Loss Pills myself can be destroyed by someone behind me.

      Moreover, although Xuanmiao Temple is an old temple, it is not Quanzhen s ancestral court, so it is natural to look down upon it.

      The beliefs of mortals are gathered into wishes, and the magical effect of the wishes of all peoples can only be collected with the help of these White Lotus Sects and Wenxiang Sects.

      With one weapon in hand, with the power of Zhiyang, mortals can also blast ten thousand methods.

      At this time, what Ji Xiang saw was a forest Does Vitamin D Supplements Cause Weight Loss mediterranean diet weight loss program of murderous swords and halberds Maoshan Mountain Lord This is the formation that kills lightly among the fifty two killing formations.

      Fang Leidi, when he reached the stage of Leidi, he could be called Five Thunders Blast the Top The Clay Sculpture God madamepee.com mediterranean diet weight loss program thought wildly in his heart, didn t this person say that he was Zen Master Huyan, how could he use the five thunders to correct the law Lightning method is the foundation of Zhengyi.

      From Liu Mengyin s description, the old man Lei Xuan also talked with Liu Mengyin many times about writing a book.

      Between the words, a demon king has already been affixed with the Dawei Divine Curse.

      This feel Isn t this the feel of the batch of paper talismans from the Shuntian Hanjing Factory You printed scriptures, where did the paper come from I m just asking.

      And they also left a lot of relief supplies, such as horses, ginseng, mink, pine nuts and other local products, which really moved those ministers to death.

      You can go to the government to check. This is not a Health Food Store Diet Pills mediterranean diet weight loss program prostitute. It has been established for many years to preach You It can t mediterranean diet weight loss program be said that the Dharma teachings of the people are all the White keto xs reviews Lotus Sect, it will chill the hearts of our Dharma disciples Ji Xiang didn t speak, and looked around with his eyes.

      In an instant, the Water Palace and his All connections are severed The surging mediterranean diet weight loss program waves between heaven and earth have stopped The king of Zhenjiang lost his god position, and he was shocked.

      Moreover, even though the Jade Emperor s god position is an empty shell, the official level has been lowered for it, but the folk beliefs are still strong.

      Who the hell I am the Lord of Blood Rain outside Zhongnan Mountain, Zhou Sheng After saying this, the leader of Jinhua was shocked You are the black aura that escaped from the unknown Dharma Realm in the seventh year of Zhengde and came to Yangjian and took human mediterranean diet weight loss program form In the seventh year of Zhengde, blood does farting make you lose weight poured down for ten days, and from nowhere in the Dharma Realm, a black qi melted out.

      The power sealed by this magic weapon could not hurt him, and at most it could cause a little hindrance to the earth immortal.

      So far, as one of the 84,000 Yangshen thoughts, I have to korea weight loss pills Vitamins To Boost Metabolism complete Health Food Store Diet Pills mediterranean diet weight loss program the task.

      See what spell the opponent is using Several weird ones. Take another look.

      Even if the altar was built, it madamepee.com mediterranean diet weight loss program was still a pious sacrifice or relying on external forces.

      Those flesh and blood statues made the local people tremble and wet the bed at night in fright.

      Therefore, taking mediterranean diet weight loss program a breath is to continue the next exhalation and inhalation.

      It s just the ninth realm that is infused with the incense of the people.

      The three souls are hooked away. Some people can be saved and reborn, and some people can return to heaven and earth.

      This kind of change had never been thought of by Tianhu, but at this time his body and spirit were almost unable to maintain, and Ji mediterranean diet weight loss program Xiang was staring at him.

      What next is to wait for others The local government mobilized troops and horses to come and deal with all these people.

      This master of Jinyiwei once participated in the espionage operations against the Japanese mainland, mediterranean diet weight loss program and now mediterranean diet weight loss program he is an intelligence collector on the front line of the Korean battlefield.

      A desk was set up in front of the little fox, and there ke medical weight loss were large bundles of papers on it.

      The mummy went mediterranean diet weight loss program out and raised a big bell in its hand. The big korea weight loss pills bell went up to the sky, and it actually resisted the five thunders when mediterranean diet weight loss program The sound of the bell shook the world in ten directions, and the whole body was covered with mediterranean diet weight loss program brilliance.

      Your method of poisoning really made me suffer a bit. If you don t think I m at the end of the road, how can you relax your vigilance Surprised, unexpected, incredible, don t worry, you will see it a few more times, and you will be used to it.

      It just so happens that almost all the dragon gamblers in the county have been killed.

      The little fox pissed on his body. Actually using this to successfully evade the capture of the Wenxiang Cultists.

      This is where the sacrifices come from, and some evil gods also imitate similar deeds, build magnificent temples, and develop believers to mediterranean diet weight loss program strengthen their own power.

      The fire in the distance obscures the view, but Keto Pill Kylie Jenner korea weight loss pills there is a narrow path left, which is not very obvious in the flames.

      A beautiful woman was walking on the road, and suddenly she turned into a strong Jurchen with pigtails of money Nurhachi stroked his braid, then stroked his beard, his complexion changed drastically How could the spell be lifted suddenly I want to use my mana again, but I feel emory medical weight loss that my mana is no longer smooth, and my bones are getting weaker and weaker.

      I can t go to your place to cheer you up for the time being, so let s congratulate you from a distance mediterranean diet weight loss program By the way, although you are going to get married, I have something here, and you have to send someone to do it Hmm Your idea is very good.

      After all, he had never really used this sword in Shuntian. There are only nine handles in the world With this swing of the sword, the national prestige in the entire Shuntian City seemed to be activated The sword of General Dragon and Tiger, which was extremely sharp and contained the divine power of the Ming Kingdom, struck Ji Xiang This sword sliced through Ji Xiang s body, but sparked brightly Nurhachi was taken aback and clicked his tongue What iron man Is this still a human body How can there be a fire when a firearm is ignited Mobilize the country s prestige Ji Xiang snorted, put away his fly whisk, and pulled out a gold si medical weight loss effingham hammer from his waist.

      Feng Menglong faintly saw some distorted korea weight loss pills Vitamins To Boost Metabolism outlines in the black air, so he cast the golden light spell at that time, the golden light spell was so powerful that it really shook the black air away, revealing the transparent outlines inside, each of them was korea weight loss pills Vitamins To Boost Metabolism like an old woman, hunched over On his back, he held what looked like a bag in his hand, which was also transparent and colorless.

      Although there are no mages and Lose Belly Weight Fast Pills practitioners, it is a place where gods and ghosts are forbidden.

      In the image of Tianyou, he has three heads and four arms, wearing a set of majestic golden armor, holding a spear, a big knife, a big dagger, and a long korea weight loss pills Vitamins To Boost Metabolism mediterranean diet weight loss program halberd in his hand.

      At this time, Ji Xiang could feel that the yellow energy in Zhu Changluo s body was vaguely agitated.

      The Tang Immortals were extremely proud and never bowed their heads, so they all died.

      Seeing Song Wuji s death, Luo Sigong felt great joy for the rest of his life, but the joy mediterranean diet weight loss program hadn t lasted for a few breaths, and this urge to celebrate for his survival immediately turned into great fear Song Wuji is dead, but there must mediterranean diet weight loss program Natural Weight Loss Pills be other Vulcans If they want to kill the emperor tonight, it is impossible for only one Vulcan to appear Daoist Daoist, we have to hurry up mediterranean diet weight loss program Luo Sigong called how to visibly lose weight fast Ji Xiang, but he didn t finish speaking.

      I hope that all comrades will watch over and help each mediterranean diet weight loss program other in the future.

      Ji Xiang smiled slightly Pindao heard from Zhang Tianshi that you are making some useful magic weapons here Pindao wants to give you some advice, and by the way, please help me make a separate one.

      If you don t worry, you can run your Dharma Qi and search all over your body.

      Shen will hurt himself. Maoshan Mountain Lord This Maoshan traitor is originally my Taoist son, the future mountain owner of Maoshan Mountain.

      Using the bella diet pill talisman is just for convenience, so you must practice the basic skills sincerely.

      So, even though he didn t get the title of emperor in the end, it is there a pill a doctor prescribed weight loss is still at the level of the palace, so you can t be negligent, my lord.

      How to lose weight fast diets?

      • Do Herbal Weight Loss Supplements Work Many people have horrible thoughts in their hearts The source The source of the Buddha Emperor is Someone s voice trembled, and the idea was to peek into the past here, but even if the Sansheng didn t stop them, they still couldn t see what happened here.
      • How Much Is The Keto Fast Pills Just watching the thoughts of the Supreme Being disappear, and after the Law of the Supreme Being fell into his hands, the thoughts of Emperor Jiajing also returned.
      • Online Weight Loss Pill An elephant in romy and michele gummy bear diet the world sits between nothing. Nothing is left. Nothing remains. Constantly returning to the original, being enshrined by Tianzun, and deriving the mysterious image that Tianzun saw at first.

      Although the feudal dynasty mediterranean diet weight loss program is not a good thing, the Ming court is always better than the Qing court.

      I remember the last person who did this was called Lu Bu. When Lu Bu recognizes his father everywhere, it will not end well.

      Surprisingly, he actually has a dragon head The little fox hid behind Ji Xiang, showing half of his head, terrified.

      The news from Chongyang Palace only said that Li Bin, the founder of the Huangtian Sect, is still alive, and mentioned the matter of Puzhao Bodhisattva burning the Forbidden City.

      Chapter 43 Heavenly Soldiers and Generals Are Always Late The clouds and rain cleared up in the sky, and the light of thousands of stars fell down again.

      And these scriptures mediterranean diet weight loss program about burning sacrifices also contained simple prayers for gods.

      Qian Guang only knew about Ji Xiang, but had never met him. Varied Qian Guang s mind was shocked If the Taoist priests from Longde Palace appeared here That means, Song Wuji is dead Qian Guang s face turned pale, and he watched helplessly as the enemy opposite him regained his strength.

      We have obtained what we want, and we have lived mediterranean diet weight loss program and died for him for so many years, but he still wants to kill us and squeeze out our last value.

      Thunder and lightning filled the air, and the image of Ji Xiang switched between the Four Saints of the North Pole.

      When this light sweeps across, the sun and the moon are unclear, the seven luminaries gather their brilliance, and the frost condenses.

      Even spirits, demons, and ghosts can die. There is nothing in this world that is immortal.

      Today is June 20, the twenty fifth year of Wanli. For those who have eaten black beans, avoid going out.

      In the Hanjing factory, there is an eunuch in charge of the factory in the courtyard This is rapid burn keto pills also the property of the chief inspector.

      Although the strategy is good, it is also a magic weapon that is only useful when dealing with difficult enemies.

      Colliding with the Yin Division, those mediterranean diet weight loss program Natural Weight Loss Pills people were so frightened that their faces turned pale, and in the next second, the God of the Yin Division suddenly made a move and twisted mediterranean diet weight loss program the man s head off Drenched with blood, a head rolled to the ground.

      The eunuch gave a few words of warning, and those people all smiled to show that they understood, but after Ji Xiangxian walked over, he glanced at them slightly and nodded slightly, and those people looked familiar.

      Rather, even if they are in mediterranean diet weight loss program their heyday, as long as someone dips an arrow in blood and knows the words shoot my Alian s head, Even if they are not in the Forbidden City, mortals outside can kill them.

      The emperor quarreled with the ministers, and in the end he had an official position as the Imperial Supervisor s Department on his head, wrote a poem himself, and then they fought Infighting, is this also a feature of the Ming Dynasty s officialdom From the mediterranean diet weight loss program Siye of the Imperial Academy of the fourth rank, of course, it will take a few days to officially wear an official robe with a great Ming beast.

      These concubines seemed to have no idea what was going on outside.

      In fact, Matteo Ricci probably knew in his heart that Father mediterranean diet weight loss program Lao Ba, who went to Japan, did not seem to be holding the first version of Records of God Hey, it is not too unfair to be hunted down.

      It s not our fault. Zhu Changluo s complexion became very ugly, gloomy, he rolled up his sleeves, and said angrily to the Zhu robed man Don t call him my father, call him Wanli, after all, he is going to die soon I just want him to die now.

      Take it. Concubine Shang is a very strange person. She was the last concubine of Emperor Jiajing. Emperor Wanli hadn t seen her a few times, but he knew that his old mother, Empress Dowager Li, was in awe of her.

      But the little fox who pre cardio meal for weight loss got along with Ji Xiang obviously felt that something was wrong.

      Now that all the treasures have gone, this thing is broken again, and it is useless.

      Despite the gathering, this mediterranean diet weight loss program Natural Weight Loss Pills force is still very huge. Therefore, if you lead a high level expert to fight Quanzhen Dao, the result is not that both sides will suffer, but that Nanshan will be destroyed.

      Please move my physical body away quickly. once I appear, it will be reflected by the hanging sky mirror in the holy land of the South China Sea.

      He thought will treating hypothyroidism help me lose weight that just now, Ji Xiangcai had eaten the incense of the great sage Yuanmiao.

      First of all, you must learn to master the five thunders in the thirty six transformations of Tiangang.

      Since ancient times, no gods, ghosts and ghosts have ever been able to come in and do wild things, but if there is something wrong, it is the evil deeds of mortals.

      In order to show his closeness, Emperor Wanli took the initiative to hold Ji Xiang s hand, although he was covered with black ash in many places, as if he had just come out of a coal mine.

      Senior brother, if you are in Beijing in the future, if I can help, I will naturally help a bunch, but there must be no violation of the laws and morals of the Ming Dynasty, and the senior brother himself must practice diligently.

      Over 60 years old, no godson, no influence, still rare in the Forbidden City.


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