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In order to offer the best quality of service, madamePee is associated with companies of the public toilets industry. Leading toilet rental and installation companies in Europe, Canada and Ivory Coast, as well as urine collection and recycling companies.

Why choose madamePee ?

Real innovations in the field of sanitaryware, madamePee products are practical and easy to install. They meet the demand for alternatives to traditional toilets for women and men, while being environmentally friendly.

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A simplified exploitation

The madamePee urinal can be installed in stand-alone mode with its integrated 200L tank, or in connected mode to an external tank or to the sewer. An external wastebasket for more hygiene and for cleaning without interruption of service. madamePee urinals take up 40% less space than conventional toilets, allowing for easier installation.

L'urinoire madamePee

Our urban range, both fixed and movable, is connected to a tracking app allowing to supervise the filling of the tanks and thus reduce collection costs. The urinal is ideal for short or long term use in the city thanks to its anti-vandalism casing.

L'urinoire madamePee

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