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      Of course In other words, nothing here is important at this time. At the same time, they have wegobuy for weight loss keto gummies safe for diabetics suffered heavy casualties.

      It is said that those who have the title of Xue Chan are all people with divine power.

      In short, he explained to Ji Xiang the great changes in the past few days, of course he was not very clear about the specific situation.

      I believe that the dynasty is still the same dynasty, and without the control of various forces, the dynasty will not be divided again.

      This thing only monk Yuqing can see it Chapter 238 Daozi Shangqing was speechless for a long time.

      Would the surrounding villages and towns and markets also have problems Already having a lot of sleeping Keto Pill Or Shakes wegobuy for weight loss sickness A large number of souls have been corrupted, and it is difficult to solve this disaster in a short period of time with just a dozen big monks who are not good at learning.

      This power of the five elements is different from the five elements of ordinary practice.

      However, the achievements of the heirs in the emperor s family are not judged by whether they can practice immortal bones, but by their fate.

      Prince Liejie was startled You never shot him, did you Zuo Shoushen Not really, I sent him away respectfully.

      He seemed a little unbelievable that his own Yuchen virtual form method was so straightforwardly seen through by the other party Ancient Immortals, many people in Lishanhe are afraid of you.

      The god card, but we can refine the god form in wegobuy for weight loss the god card with the help of Heihuo.

      From then on, she shed her demon body and mixed into the weaving, a better life is just around the corner.

      Here comes the scene of flying. However, there was a icy wind, tearing the flesh and blood and rolling over With a wave of Qin Nvxiu s hand, she wiped out all the gathered little demons, while the thirty six Golden Light Bodhisattvas were fighting fiercely with Qin Nvxiu.

      It is said that when the Lingbao Tianzun appears, there will be Jiuqing purple smoke rising into the sky, but there are all kinds of ghosts around the gods in front of them.

      After his words fell, Dharma Lord Daxian Huaguang felt severe pain in his body, and the surrounding flame world also became hot, and the fire escape technique was gradually failing If he didn t escape from the flame world before the fire escape failed, then he would be burned alive in the flames The Great Emperor of the Five Display Chiefs I can new fda diet pill 2023 t show it.

      King Lu smiled Ascension Realm is weight loss drug dnp reincarnated and rebuilt. The Earth Immortal is just physical strength.

      Little did he know that if Ji Xiang was here, he would definitely tell the little fox.

      It was for this matter that Ji Xiang was allowed to enter here. Representing the existence of God s will, it awakened the sleeping Qianyuan spirit.

      Immortal bones rise and turn into earth Immortals are of the highest grade, and immortals are inferior, just wait for the day to rush up, and you will be able to ascend to become an immortal.

      Lesson Thirteen, Chapter of Destruction From the chapter name, you can understand what this chapter of Yu Qingyin s book wegobuy for weight loss is majoring in.

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      In ancient times, you were called a minister, and every year you received i need to lose weight and fast coins, you didn orlistat l carnitina para que sirve y como se toma t have the style of a great ancestor like you.

      Let yourself ascend to immortality. Let them go on singing to themselves the song of ascension.

      Due to the collision of the immortal Buddha s weapon, the Lord Guanyin witnessed the forced reversal of the Lord Daxian Huaguang, and because the Lord Daxian Huaguang competed with the Biyou Palace Yingshang Tianjun, he was crushed before.

      At this time, the armor she wore when she went out was completely damaged.

      The two of us are also at the pinnacle of refining gods. In our respective sects, we are also one or two generations below the head of How To Lose Weight While Taking Birth Control Pill wegobuy for weight loss the sect.

      Sure enough, among those collapsing pillars, the escaping national prestige poured into the cornucopia like a sea of smoke The loss of national prestige symbolizes that the fate of the Ming Dynasty is collapsing and the destiny is declining.

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      It s just that the monks in Lingyin Temple were planted with demons.

      If you want to regroup the Dao heart, you have to do the 1,300 good deeds again, but it is different from normal monks.

      The White Lotus Sect claims that as long as people know the law of vacuum and understand the Avenue of Inaction, they can return to the place of birth hometown, that is, free sky, safe appetite suppressant diet pills also known as hometown of vacuum, the place of roundness.

      They came here in the middle of the night. They will die within two days.

      This place is called the place where Emperor Zhenwu ascended, and wegobuy for weight loss it is an important place among the palaces of Wudang Mountain.

      Difficulty of will refers to the persecution of Gusu ghost town, the regression of will, which is the difficulty of will.

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      Ji wegobuy for weight loss Xiang is also frank that his cultivation is not enough. Zhang Sanfeng wants Ji Xiang to Approved By Fda keto gummies safe for diabetics open the door for Lian Buyun, but Ji Xiang the genius brand diet pills reviews has no way to help people cheat in the exam.

      There was a terrified cry. Wishing the thoughts to dissipate and return to the people themselves, the mighty power of the incense is attributed to the temple, and to a certain demon king who has descended to the lower realm in response to God s will.

      Many people s gods in the world came from this. Either the mountain wegobuy for weight loss spirits are enlightened, or the incense wegobuy for weight loss is born with the wish, or the ghost replaces it by itself, or the monks and wegobuy for weight loss mortals get the god of birth and turn themselves into gods.

      And what stores carry fastin diet pills for diet pills garcinia cambogia how to use some reason, I didn t lose my memory when I entered the coffin world this time Could it be because the photo of desire unlocked the locked state If it is because the photo of desire unlocks the locked state, so the people who re enter the coffin will retain their memories, does that mean that the people in the coffin can also retrieve madamepee.com wegobuy for weight loss their memories From this point of view, the previous immortal suddenly hit the lid of the coffin, probably because he used some magic to retrieve his memory It may not be me who unlocked it, but the relationship between this immortal and the entry of the Lord of Maoshan.

      Looking at the falling demon kings, he couldn t help but think a little This is another unexpected discovery.

      Sure enough, there are traces of the power Keto Pill Or Shakes wegobuy for weight loss of the Dharma Realm Song Ting How To Lose Weight While Taking Birth Control Pill wegobuy for weight loss got the Yinshan Dharma Realm, and the Yinshan Dharma Realm itself is the Dharma Realm used by the Yinshan School to connect the human world and the ghost world.

      Inspired, got some Buddha nature It s wegobuy for weight loss even more valuable. A poor monk can practice Buddhism, and the power of the Dharma Realm will attract him and make him medical weight loss clermont fl pay homage to the holy temple of the Pure Land.

      There was no killing formation, only a trapping Best Over The Counter Diet Pills At Rite Aid formation, because Ji Xiang didn t absorb the trapping formation inside the stone pillar, wegobuy for weight loss so he didn t notice it for a while until he fell into the formation.

      This matter is quite concerning The heels of the God and Heavenly King are unknown, but at least it is certain that it is related to Song Ting.

      As for this kind wegobuy for weight loss How To Take Keto Tonic Pills of soul transformation, the countermeasures given in the Immortal Sutra are different from those in the Sutra of Ultimate Spiritual Consciousness.

      He doesn t think that his own strength is not enough. Because what he brought was the resentment of many devils in wegobuy for weight loss Phoenix Mountain So many devils turned into the same devil Chen Xianren said.

      If the stone forest madamepee.com wegobuy for weight loss is not eliminated, how will he know the method of reversing the trapped formation If the blank magic card can t How To Lose Weight While Taking Birth Control Pill wegobuy for weight loss give a way to crack it, wouldn t orlistat garlic oil I be stumped The Shangqing faction, the leader of the three mountains, of course this kind wegobuy for weight loss of thing is possible, even if I am very sure, I have to wait for the opponent to use all the tricks before I dare Let s kill However, Approved By Fda keto gummies safe for diabetics these people set up formations here, wegobuy for weight loss but they did not wipe out the formations in the stone forest.

      I am a true martial artist with a white face. The voice came slowly from the emptiness, although it was neither fast nor slow, it had the power to shake Fuli Immortal of Ascension Realm This aura wegobuy for weight loss How To Take Keto Tonic Pills is beyond the mortal world.

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      Get revenge on him before he revenges me. Chapter 296 Action When Ji Xiang heard this, he was immediately enlightened, and his demon body shook slightly.

      In the demon cave, Wang Sen did not dare to mention Lu Wang s death, but said that after the incident, he would definitely help the demon king to ask for credit wegobuy for weight loss in front of Lu Wang, and the demon king asked curiously I don t know why that person came to hunt and kill you Wang Sen lamented That man is fat burners like adderall an eagle dog of the imperial court.

      Of course you can t guess the real location of Biyou Palace, but even if you know it, it s useless.

      I am still far behind, but unfortunately, the heart of unrelenting compassion The heart is not a condition that must be fulfilled, it only needs to be realized once, and you can ascend to the immortal by maintaining this state of mind.

      Tyrannical, Huo Jun was shocked. This is not the people s god, but the real power of the gods How could someone be able to guide the gods above thirteen in the Tianbu Without any hesitation at the moment, she used Huo Dun to run again, keto gummies safe for diabetics Weight Loss Supplements Reviews but Yue Yinping also had Huo Dun, she didn t know what was on her mind, at this time her real body in Qiantang County also used Huo Dun Let s see where you flee to The two flames disappeared, and the world became silent again.

      If wegobuy for weight loss they hadn t been chosen by King Lu to eat Approved By Fda keto gummies safe for diabetics wegobuy for weight loss people tonight, if they were lucky they would have survived.

      Maybe he wanted to take advantage of this conference to find out wegobuy for weight loss How To Take Keto Tonic Pills my footsteps, or to make trouble and sabotage it.

      If it is allowed to fly out and possess someone, within a few years, there will be an extra terrifying head in this world.

      Don t thank me, remember to listen to the Dharma, don t have two How To Lose Weight While Taking Birth Control Pill wegobuy for weight loss minds, otherwise the soul will be lost outside the Dharma Realm, it will be bad Under the star river, in the dark night and sky, there are colorful lights tumbling, like a dragon billowing in a storm.

      I have reported to the prince. The guard has become King Lu s personal armament, and the monks of the White Lotus Sect have different views on this.

      As expected of an immortal, even if he is relegated, he can t be killed easily.

      People have been killed by them, just like the missing mountain master now.

      It s just that Keto Pill Or Shakes wegobuy for weight loss the master of Lingyin Temple is highly respected. Although she looks suspicious, she can t keto diet pills before and after pictures tell what s wrong.

      But Ji Xiang made a move that made Chen Taichu look angry In wegobuy for weight loss the dark, the mighty power that brazenly interrupted all his spells struck again Keto Pill Or Shakes wegobuy for weight loss Ji Xiang just waved the firearm.

      It took me a lot of hard work to come to the world My appearance was allowed wegobuy for weight loss by the Dao of Heaven You wegobuy for weight loss see, the Dao of Heaven has not sent down punishment The magic eye shouted very loudly, for fear that the monks would not hear.

      After the practice of each lesson, the form and spirit of the demon obtained from the first lesson will be more condensed, and a lot of strength will be enhanced, and it will be more perfectly integrated wegobuy for weight loss with Ji Xiang itself, and every lesson is a demon Things to learn.

      Yan Jingzhu came forward How To Lose Weight While Taking Birth Control Pill wegobuy for weight loss in a panic, and pulled Ji Xiang Don t wegobuy for weight loss compete with Tianzun for the seat, you go and sit in the back, the third and fourth are empty, the three gods and the four gods won t come up, you sit over there.

      Among the three kings, Laihe Tianzun said in a complicated tone Endure the humiliation for How To Lose Weight While Taking Birth Control Pill wegobuy for weight loss a while, and cherish the heart of a gentleman.

      Huode Xingjun s card had been caught by Tongtian Mingyan, which seemed to be a big hand made of white smoke, without hesitation like He grabbed Huode Xingjun like a card.

      leave it out. The smoke dissipated, and in an instant, the sound of the sword s cry pierced the sky Clang Thousands of swords were unsheathed at the How To Lose Weight While Taking Birth Control Pill wegobuy for weight loss same time, and under the voice of Zhenwu God, the blades of the swords whirled and scatter in ten directions, causing cold light to shine Hundreds of sword cultivators gathered in front, formed a circle, and pointed their swords at all the criminal cultivators, asking in unison Who is the trespasser Emperor Zhenwu is good at using swords, so there wegobuy for weight loss are many sword masters in Wudang.

      If he is in a battle, then he is equivalent to Without any defense at all, you will be killed directly.

      But Qingzhu Guanyin followed for a while at this time, and her voice of chanting the mantra became smaller and smaller, and finally stopped completely, leaving only the haze and puzzlement on her face.

      If Liu Zong didn t do anything particularly bad, of course he wouldn t do it.

      If there is something missing, he asks for it from the outside world.

      The source of existence is the vitality of heaven and earth diet pills that start with the letter o and Ji Xiang s demonic energy.

      It is also the great god who is in charge of the stars in the sky.

      Your wisdom comes from various schools of thought. Take the knowledge of the Taoist school, use the magic of the Yin Yang school, name the words of the school, learn the etiquette of Confucian sacrifices, and imitate the eclectic thoughts of the Mohist school.

      Then Ji Xiang recited the mantra of purifying heaven and earth. Nanyangzi and Luopoxian also recited the purification mantra among the eight great mantras to protect everyone from evil spirits.

      Whether it is wegobuy for weight loss keto gummies safe for diabetics an immortal who has just ascended or an immortal who has recovered from an autopsy, their cultivation bases are all inferior.

      Jiang Nv She won t respond. Chi Gai s wife is dead, but I haven t heard her name in Nvqing Hell.

      His whole body was weak, and his hands and legs were shaking uncontrollably.

      Even if you really enlightened in heaven, I will not pass diet pills sears tapeworm this Donghua Jade Scripture to you.

      But there are too many ancient immortals, keto gummies safe for diabetics Weight Loss Supplements Reviews wegobuy for weight loss and some of them are legendary figures in the map of true spirits and karma.

      Why does apple cider vinegar make you lose weight?

      1. How To Lose Weight Really Fast For Guys: It is almost the same as the statue of the Supreme Being enshrined in medical weight loss north charleston sc Taoist temples in various places.
      2. Weight Loss Vitamin: Gu s limbs, bones, and thousands of thoughts. Mr. Gu s body disappeared and he escaped from this piece of history, Those heavenly bars flew out from the cracks, turning into a majestic mountain, clean and bright, white and bright, and they wanted to smash Mr.
      3. Keto Plus Clean Gummies Reviews: The ultimate thing I pursued disappeared like this, and the Taoist myths that have been passed down from generation to generation since the ages and after the ages were also terminated.
      4. Costco Keto Acv Gummies: Any thick fog is the evil spirit, and it is Yin Qi that offends Yang Qi.
      5. Weight Loss And Glucose Management Medication Byetta: It will not do any great harm to you, but it will only harm you. It s just a spiritual body.

      I didn t expect to be able to borrow the incense of Ming Taizu. This is a big deal.

      The benefits of Chaos Immortal, you will gradually know, this is truly unrestrained, not bound by the world and the Tao.

      Everything is as it was. The reality was distorting, and there were indescribable changes, but just when Ji Xiang was startled, the Xuantian coffin beside him suddenly made a loud noise.

      When the demons eat people, they will bring flesh and blood keto gummies safe for diabetics Weight Loss Supplements Reviews to her.

      Now, it is just right to use it after the magic test is over, and it can exert the maximum power of this finger.

      Before the emperor, I still have three points of thin face. Although Shen Yu didn t epicure diet pills know why listening to music and writing books became part of his job, he didn t ask directly either.

      However, not all disciples will stay in the sect all the time, so they don t care too much.

      A dog jumps up to bite its owner back, if this theory is followed, then everyone can sit down without arguing, we are all dogs anyway.

      Before the other people died, they only had time to send a message to each sect of the sect with a wish, briefly describing the murder of Zen Master Huyan under the pseudonym.

      All I need is your statue and the one in the side hall. As quick weight loss eating plan for you The left guard general.

      Ji Xiang muttered, and heard the little girl s question again, which was about escapism.

      If you have the ability, don t use it in the future Just wait, wait until I achieve great success in talisman and become the number one fox fairy in the world.

      If King Lu is dead, the others will certainly not survive. The two fairies won.

      Remember not to be distracted When the scriptures are finished, the soul will return Tang Xianzu was very happy, but he was also worried.

      With real name skills The name contains powerful and ancient power.

      Two immortals appeared on the nine colored cloud. People in the world insist on their own opinions, and have a lot of troubles in their lactoferrin weight loss reviews bodies, so they can t agree on what to do.

      And facing the dark direction where Mojie appeared, keto gummies safe for diabetics Weight Loss Supplements Reviews he barked wildly.

      Their benevolence has long been wiped out, and they will keto gummies safe for diabetics Weight Loss Supplements Reviews surely die if they experience the calamity again.

      Then, a quarter of the spirits of all living beings were separated and injected into it.

      The county magistrate asked him to say so, so he just said so, and when he said these words, those young yamen servants next to him all looked at him wegobuy for weight loss with admiration, which made the old yamen servants feel honored.

      Several arrows flew away, shooting the guys to the ground in a blink of an eye, howling, but Keto Pill Or Shakes wegobuy for weight loss after a while, they found the merit box in their hands has disappeared.

      I don t believe that a person who is completely destroyed can jump up and have any influence on me.

      Ji Xiang s eyes moved slightly, and wegobuy for weight loss just as he was about to say something, suddenly the inner scene god card responded Dao Xing It exists in the true pole and wegobuy for weight loss prepares all things.

      come out. Everyone, what a wonderful power the wish is It has infinite uses, it comes from the people and is used for the people The people are unwilling to steal, steal and kill, so the huge wishes they gather affect everyone around them.

      At this moment, there seemed to be a vibrating sound from nothingness, reminding him, reminding him of the past.

      They always like to distribute small leaflets in places with a lot of people, so if this is the case, with a foothold where incense is flourishing, they can also have a good autumn wind.

      Something happened, wegobuy for weight loss you don wegobuy for weight loss t feel it, has the yang energy in this city become stronger Guixian reminded Ji wegobuy for weight loss Xiang and Shangqing Daozi.

      They are all passing away in eternal sleep, and they still want to restore their own dynasty, so they don t hesitate to fall into the underworld and become the masters wegobuy for weight loss of ghosts and immortals.

      But Ji Xiang sneered Behind the monster soldiers are the earth soldiers, and after the earth soldiers are the sky soldiers, but you have invited so many soldiers and horses, don t you dare to show yourself Just as Ji Xiang s voice fell, a person appeared out of thin air behind the dojo.

      Cultivation is just like the transformation of the ten types of insects.

      The mountain lord disappears, and this Daozi is left. You give Daozi to me.

      For a philistine like you, how can Lord Zhenwu realize your wish People hugged each other while sparring, and even wegobuy for weight loss for incense, those who came from behind stepped on the back or shoulders of the people in front while the people in front were praying, and directly inserted the incense into the feet of Zhenwu statues.

      Lingbao Tianzun is the guardian, and I am also the guardian. The difference is that it comes first and then.

      The so called strongest in the world is just a pure yang realm. Not immortal, useless.

      In fact, only these Approved By Fda keto gummies safe for diabetics blue ghost lights wegobuy for weight loss could kill her. She started to run the incense.

      This land seemed to be rising from the sky, and the large amount of incense accumulated in Maoshan was also being consumed rapidly Although the Lord of Maoshan looked very distressed, at least the big formation is back, and if there wegobuy for weight loss is less incense, there will be less.

      Sure enough, when the news about Zhenwu s suspected manifestation yesterday was spread, the number of people who came to offer incense in front of wegobuy for weight loss the statue of Zhenwu increased a lot compared to the day before.

      Not only can they form a shield wall at critical moments, but they will also occasionally send charcoal in the snow to share the incense with him.

      If Chen Taichu had been using supernatural powers to fight back, he might still have the upper hand.

      Some people were surprised, and the strange voice resounded in the spacious and dark Palace of Soul Rescue.

      And I can t use any spells of Emperor Huaguang s superior real body, that is, Taiyi Thunder and Unmovable Heaven.

      The moon is bright and the stars are sparse, and wegobuy for weight loss the night is quiet.

      Since the Yuan Dynasty, this place has been a gathering place for many hermits, and there is nothing left.

      Although the people of Buddhism are not afraid of the sins Keto Pill Or Shakes wegobuy for weight loss of the gods of Taoism, after all, the two sides are not a system, but this time the movement is indeed a bit orlistat solubility too big, and the monk in white also has a look of surprise on his face.

      Just entering here can calm the mind and make all the anger disappear invisible, and even Ji Xiang s own Yuqing demon energy has been affected to some extent.

      Betray the Great Temple Dare to pray for the protection of evil spirits, it really chills my Buddha s heart How dare you go to the Yinping Niangzi Temple I see that the temple is not King Ming, but a great demon who is wreaking havoc on wegobuy for weight loss the world The Dharma has shown the future, which shocked my heart.

      However, I still don t understand the relationship between King Lu wegobuy for weight loss and them.

      The help of the body will no longer affect the balance of the human body Just as he was speaking, suddenly the appearances of Daozi Shangqing and Guixian began to distort, and then they disappeared in Ji Xiang s eyes.

      And these incense sticks in your temple are all unjust enrichment, and madamepee.com wegobuy for weight loss they are all mine In a dark blue mountain full of evil spirits, Wang Sen ran here with Zixiang, asking for the protection of a big monster, wegobuy for weight loss and the little monsters poked their heads in the mountain, and soon filled the hill.

      Don t be disturbed. what s the matter Upon hearing this, Prince Liejie responded respectfully It turned out to be Master Yao, the fairy official of Lishi.

      Right. How can you be sure that what they madamepee.com wegobuy for weight loss said is true Just the two of you came out Maybe they thought you two had no mana, so it s useless to keep them.

      Yinfan Township is full of gloomy winds, and the gray mist covers the world.

      Clear up the reason for this lost soul. Whether the rest can wake them up is up to you.

      Looking at some ancient introductions that appeared on the illusory map of the gods, Ji Xiang was wegobuy for weight loss a little speechless.

      If you don t, don t worry about them. Prince Liejie Understood, since the prince cannot be disturbed, then I will play by ear.

      I also ask Your Majesty to restore the old land for us and reverse the cause and effect.

      It may not be impossible to kill her, and the two of us can also assist.

      If you love this thing, you will take the initiative to learn it. If you are forced to learn this thing, you won t care too much about its rules.

      The things obtained from the Dao of Heaven are just a part of the power that was absorbed by the Dao of Heaven because the Dao wegobuy for weight loss of Humanity was too weak, prolonging the time of losing the Dao, at least gaining the life span of the dynasty for decades.

      Chapter 239 Going Astray When Master Jingxian came to the meditation room, he suddenly became more irritable.

      This influence the difference between immortals and ordinary people lies in this at the same time The accident happened immediately Hey What s going on Someone has invaded my mind In the depths of the Forbidden City of Yingtianfu, King Lu suddenly covered his forehead.

      Only after breaking the Vajra Lotus Platform can you return wegobuy for weight loss to the world.

      forming a school of its own, but the art of the demon itself is also a side branch of Taoism.

      I will test everyone at the banquet later. Everyone is the future pillar of my Ming Dynasty.

      Besides, he will soon enter the palace and become a great writer. It s true.

      But in this land of Qiantang, most of the monks have demonic energy in their bodies.

      Now even the suzerains are confused, but this melon belongs to keto gummies safe for diabetics Weight Loss Supplements Reviews in shape md medical weight loss their own family, so it is not good to ask at this time, sometimes it is rare to be confused.

      Even some of the madamepee.com wegobuy for weight loss more famous sect fairy masters have come here. Once entering the scope of Yingtian Mansion, it will be influenced by Wanmin s will, but the magic catastrophe wegobuy for weight loss will eliminate this influence.

      Celestial wegobuy for weight loss How To Take Keto Tonic Pills Master Ge Xuan near Maoshan. Chen Taichu was recuperating in a secret place.

      I don t know how long Yi Xingseng and wegobuy for weight loss the others can block her, but defeating her is definitely impossible, so I can only let Ji Xiang, the disabled fairy, do it Remnant immortals are also immortals Ah, that poor man, let s do it.

      Could it be in the Dharma Realm Biyougong monk Yes, it is in the Dharma Realm, so wegobuy for weight loss what if you know it, the Dharma Realm is vast, and the Shangqing Dharma Realm is even more vast and boundless.

      Okay, don t worry, I will do my best. There was a sea of clouds descending from Wudang Mountain.

      The divine cards disappeared, coming and leaving with a lot of emptiness.

      It s just that compared with wegobuy for weight loss King Lu, he is more shameless, and the way he does it is more tactful, not so bloody.

      Waves of demonic sounds lingered, and Bai Wuzi really heard an extremely miserable howl in his ears, and then the sound gradually became smaller, wegobuy for weight loss as Ji Xiang said, it seemed that after his conscience had rotted, there was nothing he could do about it Vocalized.

      Shenkui raised his head and said dully I see it, remember it. His body emits radiance, showing five colors.

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