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      Whether it s the good, the evil, summer slim diet pills the evil, or the strange, you can go from side to shoppers summer slim diet pills Medicine To Lose Weight drug mart keto gummies side, from Qin Muchu to Qin Mu Chu, without any useful results in the end.

      Did the statue hit someone No, monk New England Fat Loss Program Cost shoppers drug mart keto gummies He Fang, the soul possessed to come here to make summer slim diet pills trouble Are you looking for death The statue of Zhenwu opened its eyes wide and wide, and made a loud voice I started to vote for Fengqian Great Heavenly Emperor.

      But my king is extremely powerful. Although you are mighty, you are only a devil of an earth fairy The female ghost saw that Ji Xiang s own strength was indeed much stronger madamepee.com summer slim diet pills than hers, but after all, she was just an earth immortal.

      Ji Daochang has no news. The old man said that Ji Daochang was studying in the Great Yuan Treasure Hall, but where is the Great Yuan Treasure Hall ,how could summer slim diet pills I know Isn t this clearly fooling us There was anger in Feng Menglong s chest.

      Merchants from all over the world come and go by boat. There is a lot of bloody meaning, the incense of the three religions and the temples of many folk gods is still at its peak, and there is no abnormality summer slim diet pills in the relationship between monsters and monsters within the controllable range.

      According to Maoshan and Gezaoshan, all their human spells come from Yuqingtian passed on to Qingtian, and then from Shangqingtian to the lower realm Therefore, in the human world, the Shangqing is the Yuqing Unlike Taiqingtian monk, in the scriptures and classics madamepee.com summer slim diet pills of Taiqingtian monk, Laojun often runs errands and chases people to pass on God Of Small Things Summary summer slim diet pills scriptures.

      They are monks, and they can t completely freeze their consciousness, so they still retain the state of thinking.

      Where did I come from at that time You juniors, whenever you talk about others, you must ask the master.

      Taking advantage of the current means of destroying them in Biaoshanhe, when they really have the ability to summer slim diet pills decline, I can almost wipe them out directly.

      Just a scholar is extremely arrogant. There is grandeur and righteousness, but it is really out of place.

      anyone there The gate of the mark of hell was closed, and the delivery of demons stopped.

      The strength of Yinshi is actually not as strong as that of Lishanhe, at least according to what Ji Xiang New England Fat Loss Program Cost shoppers drug mart keto gummies knows so far.

      How to lose weight by eating right?

      Zhu Shou, you have to give me an explanation. A human face appeared inside, and the master of the summer slim diet pills Guangze Holy summer slim diet pills Gate questioned the black bearded mage through the flames.

      Three locations After Ji Xiang read the description, although it was very long, she found it interesting.

      The Taoist priests in the Yulong Taoist Temple listened to Ji Xiang s warning, and they were all thoughtful.

      The devil s fetus has been summer slim diet pills formed, and there is no power to return to heaven, so why not kill him But there were also people who objected angrily Entering Soul Suppressing Palace, there is more than one person who has been seduced by demons.

      Although the three demons did not understand why the Yuqing Heavenly Demon in front of them wanted to give them the Supreme Buddha Fire to swallow them, but they were on the verge of death.

      Chapter 314 Alchemist s Mongolian Khan Medicine Within two days, Ji Xiang, apart from the other Wudang masters who accompanied him, only took Feng and Zhang to a naval attack point, and then he had to take a rest by boat, and Feng Xiucai asked about Mrs.

      Now even if they see monsters, they will not panic, let alone be afraid.

      He pointed to the front, and Feng Menglong saw that Mrs. Hou was howling in pain at this moment, and a pure yang master stood on the top, whose aura was comparable to that of the original Maoshan Mountain Lord.

      Because the old doctor s father once treated the prince s son, he has abundant yang energy and a long lifespan, and ordinary diseases cannot cause trouble.

      The golden Hydroxycut Pills To Lose Weight summer slim diet pills boat they were in was originally intended to be used as a sacrifice, but at this time, the Buddha s light all over the sky forced all the monsters out of their original form, and burned their bones, making them so fierce that they no longer listened to Lu Lu.

      The mountain lord disappears, and this Daozi is left. You give Daozi to me.

      How to lose weight not muscle?

      If you used this sword in the Han Dynasty, it would be the great formation of the thirty six Golden Light Bodhisattvas, which can be broken with a single sword, but not now.

      Combined with the many incenses I have eaten in Yingtian, it is not far away to break through the primordial spirit realm Ji Xiang thought summer slim diet pills in his heart that he was still one step away from the Yuanshen realm And the difference between Yuanshen and Jindan, the important symbol, is the Yangshen One yang god is the primordial spirit realm, and four yang gods can be produced when the primordial spirit is fully accomplished.

      And in the mountains and rivers. Ji Xiang knocked down the third patriarch of the Shangqing Dynasty with one blow, and then sent him away with an empty chapter.

      The ancient town of Taiping was broken, and Ji Xiang and the others returned to reality.

      If I take Tiansui to premium keto diet pills reviews produce effects, and willing to cooperate with you, the next twenty drops will be given to me.

      The exams for the five heavens and eight emperors and the thirteen demon kings have never been the same.

      Ji Xiang s eyes moved. Sure enough, it was Song Ting who made the move in a lifetime.

      Your primordial spirit is useful. I wanted to eat your primordial spirit and corpse, but I was not allowed.

      If he dared to deceive him, then the other party would surely be doomed.

      Even though it incorporates many wishes of the people, how can it be compared with the great Dharma Realm created by the power of Buddhism In the past, there were 480 temples in the Southern Dynasties, how many towers were in the mist and summer slim diet pills rain Ji Xiang exerted his strength again, another ghost was pulled away from Yinshan Dharma Realm, and thrown into Abi Hell, causing all the ghosts in hell to cheer, and things to eat everyday to lose weight faint karmic flames came out.

      I have seen Daoist Ji. Maoshan Daozi s mental state is not very good, summer slim diet pills Ji Xiang asked directly Do you know the relationship between Biyou Palace and your Shangqing weight loss pills woolworths sect Daozi was summer slim diet pills silent for a moment, then nodded slightly.

      If Shangguan insists on letting Xiaoyao kill these Yaozu brothers before letting Xiaoyao join the court, then Xiaoyao would rather die Nor can you betray these brothers.

      The huge violation was accompanied by the fear in their hearts, and the shackles of the wishes in the hearts of the monsters were also released.

      Under Zhang Sanfeng s curious gaze, Ji summer slim diet pills Xiang gathered the selected useful books.

      Originally, it was people like myself who protected madamepee.com summer slim diet pills them, so that these people could survive in this world where demons run rampant, in the terrifying world where monks and demons fight with the summer slim diet pills court.

      This is a serious punishment for the immortal Immortal, because of the retreat of the Dao heart, and then broken, and thus the monk who was beaten into the mortal realm from the fairyland, this is the title not good Chen Taichu used all his strength, but the thoughts in his heart could not be condensed, so he couldn t use his mind to think about those scriptures that how to lose weight really fast for 12 year olds stabilized his mind, he could only recite them, and his voice resounded in the Phoenix Mountain area.

      But it still made Ji Xiang startled and withdrew from the practice, just in time to see her going out in armor.

      What Rootless Why do you know my rootless In this world, except for me, everyone else who knows my rootless is dead.

      But when Ji Xiang left Dingjia City, he didn t see any trace of Gui Xian.

      Yao finished speaking, he summer slim diet pills paused for a while, and then said So, there are about ten drops of Rihua in this small bottle, and it s just a gift for me.

      Those who are imprisoned here are all people with demonic obstacles in their hearts, those who are in a reduced state, and those who have mental abnormalities, moral collapse but still maintain reason, will be transferred to the Suoyao Palace next door, because those people are no longer the ultimate murderers.

      Five thunders teach, respect thunder king Chen Hong Avalokitesvara Mountain Religion, respect the Green Bamboo Avalokitesvara.

      It seems that you are not very capable. The yellow faced Demon King madamepee.com summer slim diet pills was naturally enraged, since Demon Tribulation is useless He took the initiative to give robbery After all, countless wronged souls rushed out of his temple, whimpering and howling, the number of them made the Yin Ping Lady click her tongue endlessly.

      Although Maoshan is famous for his formations, his shoppers drug mart keto gummies Pickle Juice Weight Loss own escapism is not a small way.

      The commotion, full of confidence, came to point out Jiangshan, beaming with joy and foaming at the mouth You don t understand, this is an summer slim diet pills old story in the Wei summer slim diet pills and Jin Dynasties, it s an elegant trip It is said that Emperor Wei Wen once learned the behavior of a donkey and imitated the sound of a donkey, because doing so would make his inspiration come out continuously.

      The monsters held their breath and saw His Highness Emperor Xuan in front, dozens of big monks gathered here, the momentum was overwhelming, Let them tremble, lower their heads and just walk, facing the strong eyes all around them watching them, they came to His Highness Xuandi.

      Where are the bones of the deceased Don t worry, let me arrest all the land of the Fangshan God, and I ll find out if I ask Ji Xiang s eyes were cold, white smoke shot out from his body, penetrated into the surrounding mountains, and penetrated deep into the Nine Earths Jushen s great supernatural powers summer slim diet pills are displayed This is the art of restraining the gods Zhang Sanfeng sensed the supreme mighty power contained in the billowing white smoke, it was hard for the gods to resist, it was a tyrannical stunt to restrain the divine way.

      Deep in their hearts, a hidden thought began to manifest, coming from the deepest part of their hearts A person who eats his body and has righteousness is loved by the world The monsters gave up the blood food of other mortals as if shouting slogans, and on the splendid boats in the Qinhuai River, the students of the Nanguo Zijian saw the monsters turning into dark New England Fat Loss Program Cost shoppers drug mart keto gummies clouds, rolling the river, destroying houses, and directed them summer slim diet pills from all directions.

      It is very easy for an immortal to hide. In fact, let alone an immortal, it is even a yin mountain After sending this kind of folk teachings into hiding, it will be difficult for the entire world God Of Small Things Summary summer slim diet pills of cultivating immortals to find them.

      It was established in the Yuan Dynasty. Although she was trapped in the temple Hydroxycut Pills To Lose Weight summer slim diet pills and could not leave where can i buy abidexin diet pills too far away, in this Qiantang County, all proven weight loss methods kinds of people have encountered it for more than two hundred years.

      Ji Xiang summer slim diet pills said something inappropriate, which naturally aroused her anger You How do you talk Well, do you have anything else to do If you don t want to stay, I summer slim diet pills can send you out.

      The flow of people was surging, crowded, and pushing. Ji Xiang used mana to expand a space around him, not allowing other people to enter this area.

      Ba Zongzhu explained I said, keto thinx acv gummies your two companions of Quanzhen Dao are in that coffin.

      The land of Dingjia City was ashamed, seeing that his soldiers were not driven by him, but obeyed summer slim diet pills the orders of the person in front of him, and actually pointed their weapons at him What are you doing I am the land Don t point your sword at me Those ground soldiers laughed awkwardly My lord, I m sorry, we only listen to the order of the earth god.

      At the very least, Ji Xiang can be forced to retreat by the group of cultivators, and the two of them can regain their freedom.

      The temple was empty, and all the gods lost their incense to worship.

      Including Ji Xiang is also a little strange. Before the sun rose, she paid homage to the statue of Zhenwu, went to exterminate the evil spirits, and adapted to the world.

      Master, wow The little fox pursed his mouth and began to fake cry.

      This time, he came to Guizhou just passing by to collect folk songs.

      Xu Fu, you turned yourself into a ghost, it s exactly as I expected.

      But after a while, Ji Xiang gradually showed shock. Hydroxycut Pills To Lose Weight summer slim diet pills The land of mountain gods around this place has all disappeared.

      Alchemy green gold, white tiger gold from Haiyong Mountain, and the most rare purple milled holy gold But these precious golds are all things from the world, and have summer slim diet pills summer slim diet pills never been seen in this world.

      Although the quick cooked things are not very effective, they can at least be used, and maybe some clues can be seen.

      After all, the Qinhuai River was not the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, and there was not such a wide water area.

      In the end, summer slim diet pills there was only one incarnation of the Yang God, which was enveloped by the Buddha s light and turned into a giant bird with black and green feathers.

      The Dongguo army was also dispatched. This is the second batch of main forces in Japan to participate in summer slim diet pills the battle.

      There is no summer slim diet pills clue, so I can only deduce it myself. Ji Xiang decided to develop a quick cooked Heavenly Eye Jue by himself.

      Necromancy What s the meaning When Master Daxian Huaguang just died, that strange smile made the monks summer slim diet pills of Biyou Palace suddenly feel summer slim diet pills cold, but he still said No matter what means you have, you are summer slim diet pills now dead, and you can no longer be resurrected.

      This yellow faced which supplements to take for weight loss demon king was a product he had deliberately cultivated for a long time, Does Weight Loss Supplement Burn Work just to satisfy the appearance of the Dao testing devil.

      Because he really summer slim diet pills did what Emperor Wanli failed to do. Ji Xiang couldn t help sighing at this point, how can such a thing be explained clearly, if he killed King Lu himself, he would be cast aside by all the people, perhaps the most difficult situation in the world to deal with is the reversal of black prescription diet pills comparison and white, confusion of good and evil Fortunately I was originally a big summer slim diet pills demon Don t care what people say Love to talk or not Ji Xiang nodded slightly, thinking in his heart As long as I have no good or evil, and only follow the rules of heaven and punishment, you can t blame me.

      What is manifested in the Dharma Realm is just a phantom of your soul.

      heavily overcast Thinking of this, he looked summer slim diet pills into the distance, the wind and cloud turned, and the next moment he saw outside Leizu Peak, the four palaces were located in different places in the mountain, the palace of trapping demons was at the bottom, the palace of exorcising evil spirits was on the mountainside, and the second palace of locking demons and suppressing souls It s near the mountain.

      Prince Lu is extremely talented, but unfortunately, he was cursed by this Buddha Lord a long time ago.

      In order to suppress and appease them, temples can be built for them to live in.

      She grabbed Ji Xiang summer slim diet pills s shoulders, raised summer slim diet pills the flying clouds with her feet, and brought Ji Xiang to the sky.

      The mountain whimpered and turned into black soil. The silver vase lady raised her willow eyebrows slightly.

      At this time, you can see all invisible things. Break through all obscurations, and you can see the so called scenery of summer slim diet pills true sun, and then you can see the image of brilliance.

      It s too ruthless, summer slim diet pills shoppers drug mart keto gummies as expected of a parent officer. The so called parent officer means that your income will be confiscated just like your parents.

      The demonic energy was raging, and it was poured into the kettle to refine it, and the incense in it boiled and boiled, sending out wishes like human beings, but it was not conscious yet, and these wishes summer slim diet pills were also made by people over the years.

      These four people will play an important role in the rise and fall of the dynasty for thousands of years in the future.

      Victory or defeat is a common matter in military affairs, heroes, please start again Ji Xiang suddenly had an unreasonable association, isn t this so called reflection similar to archiving.

      People have already learned about the demon king s descent to the realm.

      However, strictly speaking, summer slim diet pills the establishment of the real magic test was in the early Song Dynasty.

      He had never experienced this kind of thing before. After all, when the little Taoist priest died, all three souls summer slim diet pills were gone, and he took over directly.

      As soon as the master entered can drinking water make you lose weight fast summer slim diet pills the temple, he suddenly felt that something was wrong with the surrounding atmosphere, but the other three said that they didn t notice anything unusual.

      The group of demons pushed down all the obstacles on the road, including those black graves and their own temples When the temple collapsed, the group of demons let out a mournful scream, and then yelled indistinctly for the body of Lady Yinping.

      You can influence the wishes of mortals. Dedicate everything to the Tao, and you will get These summer slim diet pills entries look very attractive.

      Regarding Ji Xiang s plan shoppers drug mart keto gummies Pickle Juice Weight Loss to bring sinners to the Forbidden Palace, the old leaders came forward to object New England Fat Loss Program Cost shoppers drug mart keto gummies again, thinking that since the imperial court attached importance to Wudang, some of the abolished rules could no longer be used, and the summer slim diet pills Forbidden Palace must now conduct a thorough investigation.

      Don t let this girl go She was not affected by the Demon Tribulation before, she must know the state of Juliubu at this time The devil kings summer slim diet pills and devil leaders abandoned their own temples, because those separated powers carried part of their own wisdom.

      Give me all the money you gave me later, diet drinks for weight loss and I can give tens of thousands of taels by myself.

      Ji Xiang looked at everything around him, including these weak enchanters.

      But the object of exorcising the gods is himself. It is oneself that drives oneself A new usage of the exorcism technique, to find the coordinates of the statue of Zhenwu, and then I can possess it and enjoy the incense.

      There are no two ways in the world, and saints have no two hearts.

      Decaying form and spirit, those summer slim diet pills who have nothing but power are called false Because the nature of immortals is immortal, and those who are corrupted are not immortals, so it is said that those who are powerful and invisible are false immortals.

      Not to mention your words, have you insulted me, at least this clothes, and my position.

      The mana may not be much, but the production of special effects is definitely first class.

      At this time, she walked in front of her own statue and jumped forward.

      Ji Xiang summer slim diet pills has swallowed part of the initial wish with the inner scene god card before, and can display these three kinds of power, that is, Shenwei Dry Fire, Five can the depo shot make you lose weight Soldiers Fear, thunder and wind, their functions are simply summer slim diet pills 1 doubles the power of firearms and is unstoppable, 2 triples the power of cold weapons, 3 does not need conventional ammunition, but uses incense, mana, five thunder charms, etc.

      At this summer slim diet pills time, retreating between heaven and earth and returning to the Dharma Realm can avoid disasters, and will not be affected by any blindfolds and illusions, but if the monks of Biyou Palace want to take away the fairy artifact, of course they will not just leave summer slim diet pills like this.

      The last stick of vermilion incense is in his hand, and this mountain can smell the bloody smell inside from a long distance, it must have harmed people, whether he recognizes it or not, there is nothing wrong with killing him with a knife.

      Similarly, Yan Jingzhu s question also raised some doubts in Ji Xiang s heart.

      He didn t know what mistake he had made. Zhang Sanfeng comforted him and said fake weight loss pill that he was Zhang Dayuan from the nearby Wudang madamepee.com summer slim diet pills Mountain.

      That s a dangerous person. You will all be members of the Shangqing Sect in the future.

      Why aren t you surprised when I tell you New England Fat Loss Program Cost shoppers drug mart keto gummies that your practice is exquisite Zhang Sanfeng asked on purpose, Ji Xiang responded calmly There was once a summer slim diet pills Lishanhe summer slim diet pills Shangqing Immortal who mentioned the name of the Heavenly Demon Extinguishing Scenery Technique, and clearly stated that this scripture should not appear on human monks.

      This time, the dragon of luck used some kind of power, and unexpectedly blocked Taixu Baoguang for a short time But it was only a short stop Its shoppers drug mart keto gummies Pickle Juice Weight Loss shape was too huge, Taixu Baoguang broke off one of its dragon horns and summer slim diet pills took it away Ji Xiang took advantage of this moment to activate the form and spirit of Marshal Canopy, replacing the normal state of white faced real martial arts.

      If she is taking part in the imperial examination, can t she copy all the names from the next exam paper Of course, having said that, Ji Xiang could also see that Lingbao Tianzun was mostly indifferent to those scriptures, and was obviously looking for something.

      Lady Yinping killed more than 300 demon heads. She thought that this time was her hardest time killing demons.

      So there may be only one answer. From the very first moment of the transfer, Zhang Xiucai was no longer himself Zhang Xiucai, where did you go I thought the matter had been resolved, but I didn t expect the biggest evil spirit to be by my side.

      The county magistrate of Qiantang stared at Ishida Mitsunari and fled.

      With the flickering summer slim diet pills of golden light and flames, Ji Xiang and Lady Yin Ping fled away in an instant, leaving this dark world.

      This is the way of heaven The Celestial Master is too strong, so he was harmed by the Dao of Heaven, and his New England Fat Loss Program Cost shoppers drug mart keto gummies strength should be reduced to make up for the deficiency Emperor Wanli immediately roared What the hell is this My Biao Shanhe is only a few masters at the level of immortals, and this is going to hurt This sentence, the speaker has no intention, but the listener has intention.

      When he reappeared the next moment, it was in a In formation Nan Yangzi turned pale with shock It s a trick, this formation has affected my state of mind, and it has shown me an illusion The outer mountains of Maoshan Mountain that I saw before are fake This is an attracting illusion array.

      Excalibur, Banished Immortal and summer slim diet pills Remnant Immortal, after all, Banished Immortal is stronger Weakened, but the weakened is limited.

      Of course he won t be beaten into blood mist all at once, but it s nothing more than a few more punches.

      Is it a vendetta It is said that people from the Yinshan sect will refine blood souls and summon Yin masters.

      There are many people in the palace. I don t know the terrain here.

      The retreat of the Dao summer slim diet pills heart will make the immortals be contaminated with worldly thoughts, so that they will fall into the dust, and they will no longer have the method of returning to heaven.

      Human escape is useless, I can t escape with my heart, so use the Taishang Three Hole Escape God Curse God will obey my orders and take the two of us out Nan Yangzi wrote the incantation of the three holes in the Taishang, and summoned a few invisible admin weight loss escaped gods.

      Mrs. Wei, the ancestor of the Shangqing School, once obtained summer slim diet pills the Shenzhen summer slim diet pills text from the real person Qingxu, and taught some of the ancestral scriptures of the Shangqing Dynasty, and the Huangting Neijing from the real person Jinglin.

      You only need to eat the elixir made by the boy s heart to maintain a good health.

      Very normal situation. I remember that when I was in Shuntian Mansion, those who sold story books in Tianjie had Northern Song Dynasty Biography in their books, which was compiled during the Jiajing period and released in the early years of Wanli.

      Ji Xiang gave the shape of a god in the temple in front of him, and then picked up the ancient pot set aside by the temple.

      In addition, they were also engulfed with a lot of incense Every time Ji Xiang returns to Fuli, there will always be a god who loses some incense, so why must this god be himself This shit s smoke all over the sky weight loss pills in dominican republic That shit blank god card Why did these two things come together Who is the culprit She must be caught in Fuli and bombarded with thunder So, the scene became, the gods rushed out, the gods sent each other off with thunder, the gods sent a lot of incense, and the gods went back full shoppers drug mart keto gummies Pickle Juice Weight Loss of heart, satisfaction, and satisfaction.

      Or, Master Sanfeng has lived for so many years, is he still afraid of a demon from the lower realm As soon as these words came out, Zhang Dayuan s complexion changed, and he muttered You bad bastard, the old man is not happy to see you, did you really come down to help the old man overcome the calamity Old Daoist, thank you A lot of words have already surfaced in Ji Xiang s inner scene card, and the reason is that just for a moment, old man Zhang showed a little hostility.

      I asked them to hand you over, and they handed you over. How do you feel now Ji Xiang s tone was sneering, like those villains who have done evil things.

      leave it out. The smoke dissipated, and in an instant, the sound of the sword s cry pierced the sky Clang Thousands of swords were unsheathed at the same time, and under the voice of summer slim diet pills Zhenwu God, the blades of the swords whirled and scatter in ten directions, causing cold light to shine Hundreds summer slim diet pills of sword cultivators gathered in front, formed a circle, and pointed their swords at all the criminal cultivators, asking in olly probiotic gummies weight loss unison Who is the trespasser Emperor Zhenwu is good at using swords, so there are many sword masters in Wudang.

      Zhu Shou, the master of Huaguang, the black bearded mage Zhu Shou, drove the general of the heavenly soldiers forward, and said to Ji Xiang Heroes are really young.

      Only then did he realize that either he was abnormal, or everyone in the monastery hadn t crossed the devil s calamity.

      Break the deadlock. Must, make a quick decision At this moment, the red omen above Ji Xiang s head suddenly vibrated.

      God War, a group of clay statue gods came alive and summer slim diet pills beat people everywhere.

      The owner of the mountain is not is it safe to take diet pills while takimg celexa here. I will offend the patriarch.

      households, five people in one household, there are millions of people.

      Ji Xiang turned around and found that the thunder tribulation formation had stopped at some point, and a pair of best weight loss supplements for thin women huge red eyes appeared on the city wall.

      The manuscripts on the table were scattered all over the summer slim diet pills place, and he leaned over to pick them up, and immediately recalled summer slim diet pills the scenes of dreams and bubbles he had just seen in his mind.

      After all, the life saving power did not come from the Emperor, but from themselves.

      This best calcium supplements for weight loss group of monks is making trouble on the mountain all day long, not allowing those martial arts doors to open.

      Ji Xiang snorted, I see. The Qinhuai River is brightly lit. But the road ahead of Prince Liejie became blurred. The road is blurred, and I ve seen similar tricks done before.

      The national prestige in you, It s not easy to use, when you encounter the national prestige of Guan Gong, you will naturally be scattered.

      But the people of Biyou Palace are delaying their future. Dharma Lord Daxian Huaguang in the flames was also a little anxious.


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