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      Yuga s Soul God. what vitamins help with energy and weight loss Aged Dejin Vulcan. fable 2 lose weight fast The mighty Hime Myojin. City Kishima Himejin.

      As long as they rise up and fight back, we will attack the city. Just retreat.

      The battle between the immortals best diet pills over the counter philippines Does Taking Weight Loss Supplement Cause Acne fable 2 lose weight fast wiped out all the aura of the land.

      The two eyes of Osaka Smoothie Diet Weight Loss what vitamins help with energy and weight loss God showed a sad expression, accompanied by his miserable sigh, affecting the spirit of the world like a storm.

      Don t do it, normal spells can t kill them, these new ghosts must use new methods to kill madamepee.com fable 2 lose weight fast them.

      He turned into a cloud of black air and appeared in the fable 2 lose weight fast highest ancestral temple in the imperial city of the underworld.

      Our country only cares about restoring our national strength, and we don t care about anything else.

      Maybe it was a combination of both, but the North Korean envoy never dared to ask directly.

      Now that we are here, you should have such ambitions. Otherwise, you will be replaced by others.

      In the final analysis, first put aside the ghosts and gods, this is something from the pre Qin period.

      The celestial masters of the past dynasties will occasionally meet them, so they will naturally observe And describe.

      Although it is more peaceful in the south, it is much more moral than what alchemists do.

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      For three days, Luo Qi and Da Luo are all empty. There are natural five clouds, its color is pale yellow, and it is called Huangtian.

      Don t dare to underestimate the realm of enlightenment just because you think you can fight with ordinary immortals and Buddhas.

      I worship Heaven, the rivers, the sun, the moon, the mountains, the seas and the stars are in the palm of my hand.

      Could it be that the ultimate great law handed down from the ancient times of the other party s middle earth can t kill him How could such a thing happen in the world The Shinto monks thought so.

      This is the fable 2 lose weight fast head of Todo Takatora, please confirm. As for the others, I have already dealt with them.

      Kagigiri, Nabeshima you guys so it turns out that the reason why the Ming army was able to enter the capital as if it were fable 2 lose weight fast no one s land is because you people made trouble There are also Shimadzu Tadahiro and Lin Daoli I really don t understand.

      It stands to reason that if a master of the pure yang realm guides the god position above the tenth level and completes the fusion, then he can display a battle close to that of an immortal.

      I thought I could control him for an instant. The big Buddha of the Tantric sect blatantly came to Sanzhou of Daomen to wander around, and Tianxin didn t come forward to ask questions.

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      The hand of Christ was gradually put down, but it seemed that he was unwilling, and even those huge singing voices became sad voices Endless knowledge and divine power, and the great cause of bringing compassion and kindness to the world, are all far away from you.

      Moreover, Xiuqiu said that a big change will come in twenty years, and there are definitely many people who want to kill Emperor Shenmu, so this is also one of the reasons why he launched a fierce attack on North Korea, and then took away the Ming Dynasty s national fortune He would be fable 2 lose weight fast very scared without the powerful national did precious lose weight sports as his trump fable 2 lose weight fast card.

      It is somewhat similar to the King of Korea. With you, you are absolutely loyal to me.

      But now in North Korea, since the quality of soldiers fable 2 lose weight fast Doctor Approved Weight Loss Supplement is low, it can only be filled with gods and soldiers.

      The power of the Three Kingdoms is criss crossed. It was originally expected to be in Jeolla do, but Jeolla do fell too quickly, and then turned to Gyeonggi do, which is Suwon Port near Wangjing, but now Suwon Port has also fallen into the enemy s hands When Chen Lin said this, he also secretly scolded Yang i only lose weight on a fat fast Hao for fable 2 lose weight fast being a rookie.

      He insists that everyone has their own opportunities. If someone wants to fable 2 lose weight fast replace him, he is welcome.

      This is just a Buddhist artifact. Although it is extremely powerful, it is still much inferior to the immortal treasure.

      Ji Xiang said to him, I have a reason why I must do this. Come. between talking. The crimson god s banner has appeared, accompanied by the unstoppable aura of the ancient heavenly demon, raging to the sky Chapter 373 Unknown Land At the beginning of the war, the people are in dire straits.

      Before Ji Xiang left, the priests jointly wrote a letter of recommendation to Ji Xiang.

      Our spells are not as good as theirs. Liu Mengyin madamepee.com fable 2 lose weight fast added The spells used by Japan to fable 2 lose weight fast attack my homeland, North Korea, fable 2 lose weight fast what vitamins help with energy and weight loss are said to be derived from Golden Crow and Jade Rabbit Collection.

      First of all, the first thing is that when he first entered North Korea to fight, he gave all kinds of fable 2 lose weight fast false information in order to protect the face of the monarch.

      How can you be coveted by this Ming country I am indeed incompetent.

      Ji Xiang scanned the world, and suddenly felt a sense in his heart.

      Now that I have contributed incense, luck, and even fragments of the law realm, the mana consumed in medical weight loss savannah the refining process is about half of my own.

      However, one of them seemed to be very familiar with this kind of thing, and said in a low voice I what vitamins help with energy and weight loss Ultra Proven Vs Exipure have read the history books of the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty.

      Fortunately, after waiting for a while, they finally got a Things To Make You Gain Weight fable 2 lose weight fast reply from Hideyoshi.

      Now that I am a profuse sweater, I realize how naive my thoughts are.

      Even though he had killed several Lei mages from the Ming Kingdom, he couldn t help but feel that the boy in black in front of him gave him a more terrifying feeling.

      This is the case with nomadic soldiers. When most of the tribes did not obey an absolutely powerful king, but formed a loose alliance on their own, once the collapse rate at the forefront exceeded 10, they would face a big defeat The leaders of the various tribes blamed each other for their incompetence.

      shine. Then, start a new dynasty. Beside the Buddha and Ghost, there was a young man with only a weak crown for one fable 2 lose weight fast year.

      Now fable 2 lose weight fast that he has entered the world of practice, he knows how rampant these practitioners are.

      The gold plated bamboo slips seem to think that she does not have the qualifications to acquire the induction technique of heaven and man, thus interrupting the light on her body.

      My God bless Sulidai, Tengri Buyanchechen Khan is in charge of the eastern royal court.

      God is coming. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of gods appeared in front of Ji Xiang In just a split second, the place where the incense is flourishing becomes a place where ghosts walk at night Countless fable 2 lose weight fast shadows pressed towards Ji Xiang amidst the drizzle and firelight, accompanied by hundreds of gods descending and appearing strongest weight loss pill on the market through the medium fable 2 lose weight fast of puppets and magic mirrors, their aura sealed off the nutrition plan to lose weight fast whole world for a while.

      At this time, from among the dead powder, those fearful and bewildered souls floated out, and those wraith warriors who had just stood up began to absorb fat burner gummies reviews the souls of these vain dead, and their power was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

      On the contrary, those who withdraw their good roots are harmed by the three poisons of greed, hatred and ignorance.

      Naturally, there were strong restraints. It doesn t matter whether there is a celestial master as a deterrent, the court can forcibly take back the position of the divine master at any time.

      It is at this time Xu Fu s voice sounded from the deepest place in his heart There is indeed no room for you to intervene in this battle You don t have to intervene As my important pawn, you must not die innocently here, back down I won t be refined by this kind of thing boom Shen Banner had already taken Xu Fu into it, but something happened at fable 2 lose weight fast fable 2 lose weight fast this time The banner vibrated, and Xu Fu turned into a stream of heaven fable 2 lose weight fast Doctor Approved Weight Loss Supplement and fable 2 lose weight fast earth vitality gushing out of it, gathering on the ground, with billowing demonic energy around him, which wrapped around him like flames, trying to refine him, but failed I am the Lord of fable 2 lose weight fast the Kingdom of God Eighty fable 2 lose weight fast thousand heavenly demons want to kill me Let s talk about at least eight hundred thousand Xu Fu yelled, thinking that this kind of magic would not easily kill him, the god But in the cloud of dust surrounding Osaka, there was a black shadow moving, and the black shadow with more than a dozen arms, its white jade arms were torn towards Does Taking Weight Loss Supplement Cause Acne fable 2 lose weight fast Xu Fu like a violent storm Another series of heavy blows The demon energy in Xu Fu s body dissipated and the demon fire disappeared, which should have been a good thing, but even the qi refining supernatural power he used to escape was completely torn apart by more than a dozen big white jade hands One punch, two punches, three punches, four punches The black shadows with dozens of arms couldn t see their true faces in the dust cloud, but the fists swung unstoppably, and each blow had the power to severely damage all Dharma gates in the world Xu Fu s pseudo immortal foundation was hit hard again, and fable 2 lose weight fast the national fortune began to lose from him again, which made him furious and roared If you want to destroy all my dharmas, I will destroy all your dharmas too pitch black iron sword appeared in Xu Fu s hands.

      If there are any real immortals appearing, if you investigate carefully, you should be rewarded.

      The juniors around him thought that some big monster appeared fable 2 lose weight fast in the distance, which caused such black mamba diet pill review a change in the world.

      Immortal, I didn t come here to fight you. I just wanted to save someone.

      After all, they also came to participate in the Korean War with Shu Erhaqi on the surface, and they are most fond of Japanese attire.

      When a person dies, he becomes a ghost, and ghosts are created by the soul Death is hope, death is hope, and how to lose weight faster on 21 day fix to these two levels, even the wish and the last will perish, and even the intangible power of curse cannot come to the world, and it completely ceases to exist.

      Aren t the gods of the Ksitigarbha of the Six Paths and the god of Incompetent Shengming King all on the body of Yuanhuang s substitute King Lu once built the Great Retribution Temple in Yingtian.

      The Holy Spirit wants to say that this old man broke the law But that s not right.

      Devil The mountains are dark and the earth is mourning. As the god of the underworld, he naturally has the means of the underworld.

      Bixia Yuanjun was slightly puzzled when he saw this scene, and Ji Xiang explained It s just to take the essence of Mount fable 2 lose weight fast Tai to forge the Excalibur.

      Yang Yinglong s rebellion caused otc weight loss drug great commotion here, and plundered a large number of people into his own capital.

      The Taoist school is Smoothie Diet Weight Loss what vitamins help with energy and weight loss elated when it wins, but the Buddhist school loses and gets frustrated.

      After ascending to immortality, he has the power of the five suns, and the elixir of purple gold, which is praised by all peoples.

      the whereabouts of the Manjushri is unknown, but most of them are still wandering best weight shredding exercises to lose weight fast in a certain Buddhist country, if I hold this sword in my hand, with my profound Buddhist teachings, maybe I can summon the Manjushri to be with me, and achieve positive results with my achievements.

      Confucianism is the official envoy of the six fable 2 lose weight fast heavens. He looks middle aged and wears pale clothes and a white crown.

      Even the style of conduct given to him is the fable 2 lose weight fast world fable 2 lose weight fast will fight if you go out.

      I must kill you Only in this way can Zong Mao s soul be comforted.

      As long as the monsters don t eat me alive. People said words of praise full of gratitude, and their belief in the gods became more devout, and they thought that they had achieved great blessings, so they could enter the place where the gods originated after suffering half a lifetime in this life.

      However, as they said, too primitive shamanism has no Does Taking Weight Loss Supplement Cause Acne fable 2 lose weight fast future, Does Taking Weight Loss Supplement Cause Acne fable 2 lose weight fast and only demigods are condensed, so they need to rely on the fortunes of other countries.

      Da Ri Tathagata didn t ask too many questions, and the questions had nothing to do with him.

      Should I say good evening, or go all the way How about surrender I promise you will live a long time.

      At the same time, a fire appeared on Ji Xiang s body. Turn the dirty world into a clean earth Thus I heard At one time, the Bhagavan traveled through various countries, and went to the city of Guangyan, where he lived under the tree of music, and there were 8,000 people together with the Great Bichu, and 36,000 Bodhisattva Mahasattvas Medicine Master Wang Buddha s merit scriptures were recited in a very short period of time.

      After the seven year war, those who are still capable The generals are all dead.

      This sword can t kill ordinary beings, it can only kill living beings with bad karma both demons and ghosts are in this category.

      There have been wars in the past few years. The Korean War lasted for seven years, and hundreds of thousands of troops were invested.

      Find a time and bring all your fellow disciples of Christ to Shuntian.

      The black scorpion turned into the demon Zhou Sheng. And as far as I know, the black air comes from the evil thing of Yuqing.

      The post of general of the army. However, the purpose of the rebel army is not to defeat Ieyasu s army, but to escape across the sea.

      Do you think that you can protect yourself Ji Xiang asked for the method of shaping the god position.

      They want to surpass my control, reincarnate, enter the state of being born into a god, and then ascend to the immortal state in one step, and enter the realm of the true immortal It s fine if they die.

      Maybe it s an illusion. The phantom stared at the location where Ji Xiang existed, and he didn t know whether he really saw it or not.

      Officials don t care about such small newspapers fable 2 lose weight fast at all. After all, the current country is no longer comparable to the previous country.

      Naoshima Naoshige, it s you You actually betrayed Kobayakawa sama Katagiri Katomoto saw the Japanese samurai wearing a large armor, and he shouted in his heart, damn it This guy is actually a ghost However, another person came out from behind Naoshima Naoshige, and it was Ikoma Kisho from another team, which completely confused Katagiri Kamoto.

      There are rules and regulations for how much faith, how much good deeds, how many believers, and then what level you can be promoted to.

      You said that you will help me regain the power of the big male lion.

      All the magic blessings on the Smoothie Diet Weight Loss what vitamins help with energy and weight loss body Munemo how to lose weight fasting diet Yagyu fable 2 lose weight fast s body shook, and he was surrounded by a huge sense of weakness.

      But now, when Dragonfly Kiri, the embryonic form of a divine weapon, Things To Make You Gain Weight fable 2 lose weight fast sensed the black clothed boy standing tall on the sea and what is the best keto diet pill out there between the waves, he actually uttered endless sounds of fear and trembled continuously, so that Honda Tadakashi used that When he looked over with his eyes, he could actually see several streaks of military luck that shot straight into the sky.

      As for Ji Xiang, the true meaning of the Three Teachings has already begun to operate.

      The water in the South China Sea is very deep. Not only are there many fable 2 lose weight fast monks taught by the Dharma, fable 2 lose weight fast but also Buddhism, Esoteric Buddhism, and even the previous Biyou Palace and Yuanhuang may appear.

      The treaty is like the people offering sacrifices to the gods and offering specific things, and the gods will fable 2 lose weight fast Doctor Approved Weight Loss Supplement bless the people for a year without disease or disaster.

      Ji Xiang breathed out fable 2 lose weight fast the essence of the world, and his mind was guided.

      As for Toyotomi Hideyoshi, I failed to kill him. He is still alive and well.

      The new Western learning brought by them is just a stepping stone they use to open fable 2 lose weight fast Doctor Approved Weight Loss Supplement up other countries.

      Even if they assassinate people by surprise, it is difficult to have enough killing power, but it s okay to stand still fable 2 lose weight fast and bluff people.

      Even in the past, the emperor was often slandered, but now he can t say that.

      Xu Fu and them are sworn enemies, so in this Korean War, Fang Xiandao of Lishanhe stood behind me, Daming.

      You two immortals, the chief general of the Ming army has already caught the trick and dispatched troops.

      This shows that there are ancient secrets in Shu, which have never been discovered, and it is unknown who buried them.

      In his mind, he wondered whether the two could win over. Of course, Ieyasu agreed to Xiuqiu s proposal.

      Since I Let you go, there is naturally a way for you to kill him Chapter 384 In life, only death and taxes are inevitable.

      If they are scattered, it will be a pile of chopsticks. twigs. Here I am, all true sentient beings are also born as illusions, indestructible evil obstacles, ignorance and enlightenment, and cannot escape.

      You can see it clearly from such a distance. The foreigner who bought the sinister land of Dongyue Temple is called Matteo Ricci, right Zhao Muzhi played with the telescope in his hand.

      Aren t you afraid that I ll tell Shuerhaqi to expose your actions and report to Shuntian Forgive me, the sage has already heard some of the words just now, so why bother to ask the old fable 2 lose weight fast man Isn t this superfluous.

      It is mentioned in the fragments that this requires the guidance of the spirits of all living beings.

      Although he has not seen the body again for more than ten years, is it For Mr.

      I never thought that I would be cut off fable 2 lose weight fast by a barbarian mage in Mobei.

      I only saw two Buddha dharmas manifested in the hands of the demon, and with the sound of the Buddha s mantra recitation, two more great Buddhas appeared on his body However, it seems that because of the lack of mana, the two Buddhas are very weak, and they seem to collapse at any time.

      This level is not tolerated in the world, except fable 2 lose weight fast for a small number of existences with Smoothie Diet Weight Loss what vitamins help with energy and weight loss extremely special means, such as Xu Fu and other fable 2 lose weight fast pseudo immortals who have exhausted their efforts to break through, all the others fable 2 lose weight fast are People in the court.

      Trembling uncontrollably, but fortunately chewing diet pills Mogami Yoshimitsu was not too close, so after the blood on his face faded, he still maintained a trace of consciousness It s qi and blood The other party s qi and blood, that s not something a human can have What do you mean Fujido Takatora asked quickly.

      If you want to use the prestige of Buddhism to preach it depends on whether Buddhism agrees.

      Except for Kaitian Hong, who often manifests his holiness to protect the gods in the mountains and forests, and deter demons, the other two Chunyangs have become legends, and some ancient demons even said that they might have been is no longer alive.

      Human life also enjoys the vitality of the heaven and the earth, and takes the shape of the gods receives the energy of the one, and becomes the liquid and the essence.

      This is do fish oil pills make you lose weight the reason. In this fable 2 lose weight fast regard, Buddhism is more experienced than other sects.

      Could it be that the supernatural power is still changing and has not been finalized Or, that is actually a fable 2 lose weight fast new supernatural power derived from the sea of suffering Ji Xiang doesn t know fable 2 lose weight fast why, but no matter what, for me now, the misfortune of the world of mortals can not only be turned into merit, but can fable 2 lose weight fast even improve the sea of suffering.

      now The power of adapting to the world, those who practice the law will feel the sacredness of the root of the law, not only Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism are the same, chanting many titles, studying the scriptures and classics left by them, thus establishing a connection with the holiness of the Immortal Buddha.

      It takes a long time to take the second rank elixir and refine it regularly every seven days.

      What the world has found. Ji Xiang took out the fragments of the dew plate and placed it in the hands of one of the bronze figures holding the sky in both hands.

      However, in the eighth year of Wanli, newspapers appeared among the people, and the tabloids disappeared for three hundred years after the Song Dynasty.

      Once the Eighteen Hells lose a layer, it will be extremely difficult to fill in the structure.

      He took a suppressive attitude towards Buddhism in the past. Although he also vigorously supported the Hokka Sect, it was only to suppress the old Buddhism.

      Between heaven and earth, there is only one demon, there is no other Among the Immortal Scriptures, the fifth class top grade Ji Xiang raised his eyebrows slightly.

      Huang and the others also went to the city to watch together. At this time, someone shouted Come here Mr.

      His power was huge and his popularity was high. No one among the brothers could compete with him.

      The barriers of the Kingdom of God have already been broken through.

      Please point monks, summon some demons, call a few priests, fable 2 lose weight fast onmyojis, etc.

      The wraith of the ancient king laughed at Musashi From the beginning, the gods have been like this.

      The fable 2 lose weight fast taste came rushing from the sea, and now Fujido Takahu was obsessed with the mighty power of the artifact, but he didn t know that it might bring disaster Of course, what Ieyasu was more concerned about was that if he caused a big loss to fable 2 lose weight fast fable 2 lose weight fast the Ming army here, he might not be fable 2 lose weight fast able to be a traitor.

      The method of attracting many high ranking gods was actually a little bit of a sign that it could turn into a god dynasty at the beginning of the founding of the country.

      Although our country is small and weak, it also has thousands of miles of mountains and rivers.

      It is true that pure yang is hard to achieve, but it depends on the population.

      The corners of Uesugi Jingsheng s mouth twitched, his expression had already faded, and he said to Date Masamune with a wry smile I m afraid the two of us will not be able to escape today, or we will be hacked to death by knives, or captured by this person.

      But at the next moment, a huge monument suddenly appeared and rose from the ground.

      Even though the cost of sending food from the bitter cold land to Ming Dynasty is higher than ours, but we need at least a million people to cross the ocean here.

      He has six arms, a blue body, a tiger skin, a large rosary composed of fifty human skulls, and five skull crowns.

      No, no, Mr. Yang seems to have been skinned, right In the spring of this year, you, Mr.

      There are thousands of divine shapes, among which there are five color brilliance lingering, like five banners.

      It seems that Xu Fu s method this time is extraordinary. As the sense of ominousness gradually approached, Ji Xiang s inner scene magic card also responded Great Owner Pre Qin Ritual Alchemy There have been disasters in my life, and I am afraid that the government will not have good governance and blame the gods The fable 2 lose weight fast Doctor Approved Weight Loss Supplement huge ghosts and gods worshiped in the how fast will you lose weight on clenbuterol fable 2 lose weight fast age of Emperor Chongshen began.

      Is it because of Heaven s Heart Blessing Did God bestow this power on the apostles Yes, all the powers of the apostles came from the Lord.

      This trip, please Zhang Tianshi urged him ten thousand times, and told Ji Xiang that when he entered North Korea this time, some people would also enter, that is, Jianzhouwei.

      She is also one of my works, but she is a failure. She just fell into the underworld and cannot leave And today I actually saw this kind of person.

      At least I didn t help the enemy immediately. But Zhang Tianshi laughed It s easy to hide from the open spear, but hard to guard against the hidden arrow You, the emperor, choose four schools and use them for your own use.

      It s just the fate of the weakest, fallen, and not even complete country s Eastern Royal Court.

      Even if it is a move that kills life, even the murderous aura will stop moving.

      Afterwards, Wang Tianyu s screams were heard in the entire Great Underworld Then, the sky suddenly collapsed upwards, and all the incense in the underworld converged towards a point above fable 2 lose weight fast the universe, Guangyao Shousheng Tianzun s face changed drastically This kind of distortion someone pulled up the hell This power comes from Does Taking Weight Loss Supplement Cause Acne fable 2 lose weight fast the world, and the people in the world have this kind of ability is Guangyao Shousheng Tianzun wanted to say it was Ji Xiang, but he hesitated again.

      I can transfer it all to you. It s just a premise, to fight with Lingbao Tianzun.

      No wonder it is so powerful. Liu Sheng Zongju came from a distance, fixed his eyes fable 2 lose weight fast on Ji Xiang, of course, he also saw the little celestial master from the corner of his eye, he couldn t help metabolism with ephedra diet pills being a little stunned, and then his expression became slightly gloomy So that s it.

      Although tonalin diet pills the vitamin shoppe review Shu Erhaqi was respectful to himself and these horse warriors, the famous generals who walked with him were not easy to get along with.

      Tianxinjing is in Lishanhe, most of them are the lords of one heavenly palace, and there are several flying immortals under his command, or even a dozen of them, such as the several heavenly palaces of the Shangqing sect, there are so many flying immortals in total, and the other medical journals on weight loss immortals under the flying immortals, and how much How can it be imagined Fortunately, Patriarch Huolong went to assassinate Smoothie Diet Weight Loss what vitamins help with energy and weight loss Shangqing, and I haven t felt any changes in Shangqing recently Maybe I m in North Korea, so I don t know what Shangqing has done.

      According to the records of the Ming Dynasty Haizhi, the Franji people Smoothie Diet Weight Loss what vitamins help with energy and weight loss had a special warship.

      Ji Xiang just raised his finger to the face of the terrifying King Kong, and said to each Does Taking Weight Loss Supplement Cause Acne fable 2 lose weight fast other from a distance If you are a saint, today it is not the saint who casts down the demon, but the demon destroys the Dharma.

      This scene stunned eight fable 2 lose weight fast hundred bhikkhunis. After two breaths, she suddenly came back to her senses.

      Blood basin in the mouth replacing the hell of the oil pan The heaven and the earth are actually the upper and lower mouths fable 2 lose weight fast Doctor Approved Weight Loss Supplement of the giant beast, the four sides are actually the flame tongue of the giant beast, the oil pan is actually the saliva of the giant beast, and the mountains are fable 2 lose weight fast the sharp teeth of the giant beast.

      Now, although there is no grading, judging from the status, as long as the incense is successfully refined and the last step is completed, it will at least be in Best Over The Counter Diet Pills That Give You Energy the eleventh position of the Tianbu.

      The essence of human desire is twisted things. What you see in your dreams is not real.

      In that case, he will be replaced sooner or later, so kill these people with true immortal aptitude, refine them into pills, and take them.

      The dharma realms cannot coexist, a Primordial Spirit cultivator can only receive the power of one dharma realm, if he wants to drive the power of other dharma realms, he can only use those fragments of broken power, but that is not to guide the dharma realm, but to draw the power of the dharma realm.

      Cheung Chau, also known as Qingqiu. In the land of Chensi in the South China Sea, there are many mountains and rivers, big trees, fairy grasses and elixir, and sweet liquid jade flowers, all of which are not found in the wild.

      If the Jianzhou Guard destroys the Eastern Royal Court, although this does not represent the intention of the Ming Dynasty, it also shows that the strength of the Jianzhou Guard has expanded to the point where it can The degree of confrontation with the remnants of the Tatars is already a huge threat.


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