madamePee‘s story

It only took 30 minutes to trigger a reflexion on a century old problem.

When you are a woman at outdoor events 30 minutes is the average waiting time to go to the toilets.
And it’s during one of these endless moments – the ones regularly ruining music festivals or sporting events for women – that the idea of a female urinal came to Nathalie des Isnards. While she was missing part of the gig she came to see, she noticed that men spent less time queuing for the toilets than women. In fact she realized that they rarely had to wait more than 2 minutes on average.

Of course, this situation has been largely accepted and normalized for so long that the identified root of the issue is the fact women need to sit down to pee. But if you look more into it in reality, it’s the absence of urinals that creates this significant contrast between both sides of the queue.

Having realized that, questions started to come up to Nathalie:

Why are urinals still systematically associated with men?
Why the ability to urinate standing up offers an additional and quicker option for men but not for women?
Isn’t it time to provide suitable options for women which would be safe and intimate?

These questions reinforced Nathalie’s conviction that it was time to tackle one of the many taboos surrounding women: the lack of access to sanitary facilities.

 In 2018, she collaborated with ergonomists, psychologists and had her urinal tried by user panels. By doing so she wanted to make sure from the get-go that her urinal met her personal requirements as well as any other woman.

The success was immediate. Toilet rental companies, sporting events, music festivals and users all agreed on the need efficacity of a solution that was long overdue for women.

MadamePee’s team grew very quickly as a result. In 2019 madamePee already had 4 employees in addition to Nathalie, each one determined to change the daily lives of women.

Following this remarkable success and growth, madamePee is confidently launching their urinals internationally starting from 2020 in Belgium, Spain and Canada among other countries.
The female urinals will be deployed in Belgium, Portugal in Spain and in Canada among other countries.

madamePee’s team

Working at madamePee means overturning stereotypes and believing that infrastructures should adapt to women and not the other way around.

Nathalie des Isnards

CEO and Founder

Stéphanie Cariello

International Business Developer

Felipe Tebar Villar

Industrialization Project Manager

Alexandra Soulié

CAD and Industrialization Support

Danielle Dong a Yakan

Social Media Manager

Final word from our founder

Discover the origins of madamePee and the ambitions of Nathalie des Isnards for the future of the company.

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