The story behind madamePee

It only took 30 minutes to create the desire to change a reality perceived as inevitable! 30 minutes is the average waiting time for a woman to access the toilets of events that attract a large audience.

As for men, they rarely have to wait more than 2 minutes to access the toilets.

This difference is often normalized and explained by the fact that women cannot urinate standing up. But in reality, it is the lack of urinals that makes the difference on both sides of the line.

Cabines urinoires pour femmes madamePee Solidays

Isn’t it time to provide places specifically developed for women to urinate sitting down and quickly? Is the ability to urinate standing up enough to deny women a decent option to pee quickly?

This was all it took to trigger Nathalie des Isnards’ desire to shake up this unaltered organization of sanitary facilities and to finally propose a urinal for women.

From research to market studies, Nathalie surrounded herself with specialists and user panels so that her urinals would not only correspond to her vision, but above all, to the women they would serve.

This is how madamePee was born with the mission of offering a quality sanitary experience for women in public spaces.

The madamePee urinal operates without water. The patented ergonomic bowl is designed to allow for the continuous discharge of urine to reduce the use of this essential resource. In 2019 the deployment of madamePee urinals at dozens of events has resulted in an estimated savings of over 900,000L of water!

cuvette urinoir madamepee

Our commitments

Valuing French manufacturing and product conception based on the conservation of our natural resources for an adapted solution for BOTH men and women. These are at the heart of the madamePee adventure.

Starting with our desire to reduce the inequalities between women and men. If urinals have existed for men for more than 200 years, why is it taking so long for the female equivalent to make its entrance? Our goal is simple 1 for 1: for every male urinal, a female urinal. In short, to work for a more equal distribution and access to toilets.

The conservation of our natural resources has also been a keystone element in the design of our booths. It is the reason why madamePee and her companion misterPee operate without water. On average, 6 to 12 liters of water are used when flushing. Each facility saves thousands of liters of water per year and per use!

Moreover, the conservation of this resource allows us to be part of a circular economy initiative. Not only are our madamePee and misterPee made of recycled and reusable materials, but they are also part of a cycle of recovery of human urine into biological inputs. In partnership with Toopi Organics, the urine, as it is unaltered by water or any hygiene products, is collected, treated and then transformed into fertilizer. A great example of team effort!

Discover the team at madamePee

Working at madamePee means overturning stereotypes and believing that infrastructures should adapt to women and not the other way around.

Nathalie des Isnards

CEO and Founder

Alexandra Soulié

Production Engineer


Sarah Martinon

Marketing & Communication Manager


Arnaud Ekmescic

Product Development Engineer

Felipe Tebar Villar

Industrialization Project Manager

Final words from our founder

Discover the origins of madamePee and the ambitions of Nathalie des Isnards for the future of the company.

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