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A strategic partnership between madamePee and Satellite Industries

Press Release For Immediate Release  Female Urinals Redefine European Standards for Equal and Hygienic Public Toilets  A strategic partnership between Satellite Industries and madamePee aims to equip European events and public spaces in compliance with the new AFNOR...

Your opinion on the madamePee female urinals

Your opinion on the madamePee female urinals

At events, festivals, races or even in town, we go out into the field to find out for ourselves how madamePee women’s urinals and misterPee urinals are perceived, used and appreciated.


madamePee was there

Let’s take a stroll back madamePee’s past events and adventures!

“I’ve witnessed madamePee’s first ever public appearance at Urgent Run!”

I am here to attend the third edition of Urgent Run Paris, a solidarity run where 100% of the proceeds will go to fund sanitation programs around the world. In two days, it is World Toilet Day. 60% of humanity does not have access to sanitary facilities. A fundamental...

The urinals madamePee celebrate spring

A light smell of flowers and fresh cut grass in the air. Sunlight delights us and rain sometimes surprises us. For those in a state of near hibernation, time has come to show your nose and feel the breeze. You got it, spring is here and carries all season's first...

I had to go to the Hellfest, and I actually liked it

Thursday, June 20th, I leave Paris to go to one of the most famous metal festival in the world: Hellfest. Why? Because madamePee is there! It’s not our first big festival, but Hellfest is still mythical. When I founded madamePee in the summer of 2017, I didn’t imagine...

We loved We Love Green. And so did madamePee’s users

A mythical artistic stage, playful workshops, ecological startups, 80.000 people expected. We Love Green, such a great festival. We expected a lot, but not as much.« Frankly yes, we adhere! » is the cry of the heart of our users during this We Love Green festival. As...

“I was there for the first professional seminar equipped with female urinals” #Vivatech2019 #madamePee

Vivatech, everyone talk about it, it’s the innovation fair, and madamePee, of which I am a part, is installing not a stand but five urinal cabins. As Le Parisien wrote, it’s « a showcase to the power of ten for madamePee »! More than 100,000 people are expected, 40%...

A summer between festivals and Formula 1

We've been looking forward to it, and the summer of 2021 has not failed to deliver. The return of the good weather also meant the return of the events, and they were numerous for madamePee. Here is a list of our best memories of this summer season.First, we thanked...

How Solidays re-enchant the world, and madamePee our users

Those who went to this 21st edition of Solidays were able to attend a world premiere. Thanks to Madame Pee. And what’s that? Let me get there and I’ll explain. So, you know this famous world premiere I wanted to talk about? Solidays is the first festival in the world...

Save the planet, keep peeing!

It starts with a shared visionOn September 4th, madamePee, Agence PSV and Toopi Organics joined forces for a very special event. For many, the Peacock Society festival was the perfect end of summer event. With stages nestled in the middle of the woods, an electronic...

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