I am here to attend the third edition of Urgent Run Paris, a solidarity run where 100% of the proceeds will go to fund sanitation programs around the world. In two days, it is World Toilet Day. 60% of humanity does not have access to sanitary facilities. A fundamental right.

As for me, I’m going to this race to witness the first public use of madamePee’s urinals: urinals for women. Men still have urinals. But, there is no provision for women to urinate in a protected and clean place.
As the girls confide in their feedbacks, madamePee is « very good », clean and fast. The times prove them right: we save 20 to 50 seconds on average compared to closed cabins. The primary objective of these urinals was to reduce waiting time. For madamePee, it’s a winner!

Urgent Run

The Urgent Run Paris Race

Urinoir madamePee à Urgent Run

Female urinals madamePee