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madamePee is an individual urinal designed for women to pee quickly and easily in a semi-squat position without contact. The cubicle insures a total protection of intimacy.

Quicker and more hygienic

On average, a woman spends 2 minutes 30 in regular toilets

With our female urinal it is 3 times faster

« no touch » swing doors for an impeccable level of cleanliness and time efficiency.

An ergonomic and patented toilet bowl. No need to sit and no splash assured. The urine is constantly carried out so it’s odourless.

Pee only also means shorter waiting lines.

More environmentally friendly

No flushing to save natural resources.

More intimacy and comfort

A semi-closed cabin with a roof and a latch. A toilet paper dispenser and a hook for personal belongings.

Easy to install

To guarantee the most optimized operations, logistics features were at the heart of the design process.

A 200L integrated tank with evacuations allowing multiple types of deployment: autonomous, external tank and mains drainage.

The bin is located outside the cabin to ease the cleaning process without interrupting the service.

Easy to disassemble and stack for transport (EUR-Pallet)

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Our urinal madamePee meets 5 of the 17  Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nations. 

Sustainable Development Goals madamePee