If you’ve been walking along the Seine this summer, you couldn’t miss the madamePee and misterPee urinals. Not placed there to make a show but to answer the lack of sanitary facilities in the City of Light, time has come to break  the taboo about public toilets. 

“ I’ve seen this at the canal Saint-Martin this week-end and I told myself  FINALLY. This stuff is crazy and so obvious. I just came to thank you”

Never here when we need them and often in a pitiful state when we have the occasion to use them, public toilets are nevertheless essential for the common good. 

public toilets out of order

A wake-up call

The covid-19 crisis revealed the cruel lack of sanitary installations in town. No more cafés or restaurants to go to the toilets, and no way to shorten a stroll because of a pressing need, we all realized how much toilets were missing in the streets. 

Women are even more affected by this lack since they don’t have as many facilities as men, hesitate to use self-cleaning toilets and are less adept of wild peeing. The lack of toilets tends to exclude them from the public space. 

“Men can pee in the bushes when us, we really need toilets”  

hold back from peeing

By putting more toilets, particularly urinals for men and women in Paris’ key places, city council re-balances the offer for a more intimate, safe and hygienic access to all women. 

“Thank you for what you’re doing, on the waterfront it’s amazing, my wife was pregnant last year and we were wondering why there was no toilets anywhere”

Boost the city’s attractiveness

Installed in crowded places, the urinals for women madamePee allow women to fully enjoy the warm summer nights without being dictated by a capricious bladder. Installing more urinals, particularly close to festive places, it’s also fighting against wild pee and the terrible smell of urine warming up in the sun. To the delight of the residents.

“I live in Canal Saint-Martin, this is so good, it shelters us from the smell when we go out in the morning, go on”

wild peeing

Finally, putting  more toilets in town and particularly urinals and urinals for women boosts public spaces and allows passersby, tourists and residents to re-discover their city. Whether it’s for an improvised apero along the docks, a family picnic at the Tino Rossi park or a team building at Trinquet, summer memories won’t be tainted by a bad experience at the toilets. 

“ I was at Trinquet last week-end and I saved so much time by going to urinals rather than regular toilets. I validate 100%”

Urinals for women thanks to you

Not having to look for toilets on google maps, not having to hold back from drinking during the day, no longer having to wait in line in front of the only available toilet within a 3km perimeter, the list is long, and one solution stands, putting more toilets.

“I tried it at the canal, that’s what was missing”

City councils, eager to breathe new life into their cities, for local residents and visitors alike, have understood that a wide range of health services is essential to a dynamic city center! And if some people wonder if there are enough public toilets in the cities they love, our online toilet calculator allows them to quickly calculate if the public hygiene equipment is sufficient!

But the good news is, we are moving in the right direction, and we are not doing it alone ! Each feedback from the users allows us to improve the offer to make it as adapted as possible. In fact, we even found a little name for these people who help us improve, the sweetPees!

To contact us, easy, our contact form or chatbot at the bottom right of the site are there.