It starts with a shared vision

On September 4th, madamePee, Agence PSV and Toopi Organics joined forces for a very special event.

For many, the Peacock Society festival was the perfect end of summer event. With stages nestled in the middle of the woods, an electronic culture and colorful identity, festival-goers got their fill of sunshine. But no one knew that they were part of something way bigger. Peacock Society, for its open air return, is « bigger, more vegetal, more colorful ». And to blend in with its surroundings, every trip to the bathroom counts.

Installation des madamePee au festival Peacock Society

Every pee is worth something

As festival-goers take a little tour of our female and male urinals, they have no idea that in their own way, they are part of a great cycle that benefits everyone!

Every time you pass through a madamePee urinal or a misterPee urinal, Agence PSV, which deployed the booths at the festival, collects the precious urine. You may ask yourself, what for? This urine once collected can be treated by Toopi Organics and transformed into biological inputs capable of meeting the needs of agriculture.

Urinoirs masculins misterPee au festival Peacock Society

One small pee for womankind and for mankind, one giant leap for the circular economy

At Peacock Society, more than 7.5 cubic meters of urine were collected. When used as fertilizer, this urine can fertilize over 370 hectares of agricultural crops! This collaboration has highlighted the enormous potential of the urine industry. Correctly collected, treated, and unaltered by a toilet flush or toilet paper, it can fulfill many promises for the future of the planet. And it’s as easy and natural as taking a pee in a madamePee or misterPee urinal!