A strong argument in favor of improving the user experience, madamePee urinals meet the needs of women during one-time events as well as on a permanent basis in the cities. Fast, hygienic, intimate and ecological, they contribute to a more egalitarian and sustainable development of public space.

Our partners say it best

Sanitary rentals companies

“WC Loc wishes to address the event market and it is by relying on innovations with a strong commitment, such as madamePee for gender equality, that we wish to develop a dedicated offer.

The female urinal has proven itself on the French market. Today, this product is an integral part of our offer and we wish to propose it to our customers and future customers everywhere.”


Guillaume Divol
International Development Director ENYGEA

Events organizers

“Waiting time in the bathroom for women is a major issue at large events like festivals” The goal is to allow women to enjoy concerts more.

“(At We Love Green) The success of the (female) urinals was indeed there”

Najma Souroque
Head of Sustainability & Think Tank  We Love Green.


“The madamePee urinals are easy to clean, sturdy and have suffered much less damage than many other facilities.”

Maintenance and upkeep manager, Green Spaces Ville de Paris

The opinion of the users

madamePee at Solidays

Women used madamePee’s urinals here