A light smell of flowers and fresh cut grass in the air. Sunlight delights us and rain sometimes surprises us.

For those in a state of near hibernation, time has come to show your nose and feel the breeze. You got it, spring is here and carries all season’s first great festivities.

Open-air, day at the parc or first night-time festivals, whatever the occasion is, everyone ought to be ready! Checklist in hand, sunscreen is never far. Not to forget the hat. Once sunshade, once umbrella, April can really surprise you. And when comfortable, how about sipping a fresh juice?

Gladly but…

One’s must not forget.

When an urgent need arises, our haloed duo, madamePee and misterPee, with their high curved rood, will be there to wave at you.

To debut the season and assist you for the best, marathoners or strollers, we’ll meet in Tours, Chantilly or Trinquet Village, and for the most music-oriented among you, we’ll meet at the Trabendo or at Versailles Electro.

And let’s just say, there is more to come. Follow our adventures on our socials!