We’ve been looking forward to it, and the summer of 2021 has not failed to deliver. The return of the good weather also meant the return of the events, and they were numerous for madamePee. Here is a list of our best memories of this summer season.

First, we thanked the caregivers

July got off to a great start with the return of Solidays, for an edition dedicated to caregivers. This festival committed to the fight against AIDS had hosted in 2019 the great debut of urinals madamePee. In 2021, an army of madamePee booths was deployed by our rental partner, the PSV agency. This year, our female urinal was not alone, alongside it the intimate and elegant male urinal misterPee made its debut.

In conclusion a day rich in music, which welcomed more than 12,000 participants, who were not afraid of the rain.

Solidays x madamePee merci les soignants

Then we danced all summer long

The events followed one another this summer and madamePee did her tour of France!

In residence as at the Trinquet Village on the quays of the Seine or at Wonderland Paris, this ephemeral place set up by We Love Green, the evenings were rhythmic. Choose between pelota or Euro games!

The urinals madamePee also went on tour, in Brittany, for the summer of Festidreuz and the festival No Logo BZH, but also in Essone en Scène before going to Dijon for the VYV Festival. Our madamePee and misterPee then went to see the sea for the famous Touquet Music Beach festival!

A beginning of a world tour

Our female urinals have been traveling. After a stop at the Andorra Mountain Music festival, where misterPee and madamePee saw artists like David Guetta or Bob Sinclar, they went to Belgium for the Belgian F1 Grand Prix on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

A lively back to school

Not tired for a penny, the return to school started on the hats of wheels. A successful urine collection at the Peacock Festival thanks to our partners Agence PSV and Toopi Organics. On this great momentum, we took our quarters for a whole week in the Cité Fertile. From committed festivals to enriching meetings, Empow’her and WeToo offered us beautiful days. La Villette gives us a smile with the Smmmile festival. Autumn has barely begun and yet we haven’t finished surprising you.

madamePee à la Cité Fertile