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Female Urinals Redefine European Standards for Equal and Hygienic Public Toilets 

A strategic partnership between Satellite Industries and madamePee aims to equip European events and public spaces in compliance with the new AFNOR standard (NF EN 16194). 

Paris, November 8, 2023 – The revolution of public restrooms is underway, thanks to a partnership between Satellite Industries and madamePee. Together, they aspire to make female urinals an essential element of events and public spaces across Europe. 

With millions of satisfied users and a notable presence at major events such as Solidays, Hellfest, Vieilles Charrues, Festival Interceltic, the Paris Marathon, and many others, madamePee has already proven its success at festivals, sporting events, and in cities across Europe. The growing demand for female urinals led AFNOR to include these devices in the new European standard for autonomous portable toilets, emphasizing that they “accelerate traffic and contribute to keeping autonomous portable restrooms cleaner.” 

In a joint effort to meet this growing demand and the needs of European public restroom operators, madamePee and Satellite Industries announce their strategic partnership. 

Nathalie des Isnards, CEO and founder of madamePee, expresses her satisfaction: “We are delighted with this major partnership with Satellite Industries, which takes female urinals from the status of innovation to that of necessity. A urinal is contactless, fast, and intimate, perfectly suited for public spaces. Furthermore, being ‘dry’ and without flushing, the urinal contributes to significant water savings and facilitates the recycling and valorization of urine, thereby having a major ecological impact.” 

Georges Köller, EMEA General Manager of Satellite Industries, adds: “Many high-attendance festivals and events have raised the issue of restroom queues that detract from the experience they want to provide to their audience. Innovation and listening are at the core of Satellite Industries’ DNA. Already used by some of our clients, we are confident that madamePee products perfectly address this demand. We are excited to bring our expertise to offer this innovation to a broader audience. madamePee products are now part of our catalog and are readily available to all our clients.

About madamePee 

Founded in 2018 by Nathalie des Isnards, madamePee’s mission is to design elegant, equal, and innovative female urinals and male urinals for event and urban spaces. Fast, intimate, hygienic, and waterless, madamePee is revolutionizing public restroom facilities.

About Satellite Industries 

With over 65 years of experience and innovation, Satellite Industries is the global leader in the manufacturing of portable restrooms. They continue to innovate with the acquisition of Scanvogn and Sanitrax technology, offering premium solutions while maintaining their commitment to user convenience, privacy, and dignity.

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