1. Holding back, because there is no toilet in sight

It’s obvious that the worst feeling during a day is an irrepressible desire to pee, without being able to relieve yourself. It becomes a real fight against yourself. Who could still doubt our strong will, when we’re able to hold back a pee for hours, while walking through an entire city? 

2. Paying a coffee to your cheap friend who doesn’t feel like going into a café just so you can use the bathroom

Unfortunately, there are times when the urge comes first. There’s no way you’re going to walk 5 more km to find a decent toilet. Drinking something at a café is no longer a good moment that you’re sharing with a friend, but a chore to have access to the only toilet available in the area. On top of that, your cheap friend makes it clear that: your idea = your credit card. The worst part is that the coffee you are about to drink will surely force you to stop somewhere else, to pee again, yes it’s a vicious circle. 

3. Missing the beginning of a concert you’ve been waiting for for months, because you’ve already had 2L of water

So much anticipation to buy  THE place 30 000 other people dreamt of. You’ve never been so close to seeing your favorite artist in concert. But there is one mistake that you know you mustn’t do on the d-day. As you will arrive hours before, you’ll inevitably be thirsty, so you’ll drink. And then, as the pure genius you are, you’ll tell yourself, “I’m going to pee before the beginning of the concert”. But you won’t be the only one with this brilliant idea. And after all you’ve been through, you’ll miss the start of the show queuing at the bathroom. So yes, you’d be delighted to enjoy your concert with a drink in your hand. But no, you won’t do it. Indeed, you didn’t spend 90 bucks on a ticket to visit the toilets instead of  shouting songs you know by heart. And if you want our opinion, that is not normal. 

4. Finding yourself half naked behind a bush, hoping your friend won’t have the brilliant idea to water it at the same time

In the middle of a squat, you’re already regretting skipping the fitness class everyone talked to you about. But there you are, and in addition to having to combine speed and flexibility, while trying not to ruin your favorite party outfit, you’re adding the fear of being caught. Half naked, your last wish is that your party mate, who no longer sees further than 3 meters, forces you to get out of your hideout as he thinks he’s Picasso on THE bush you were hiding behind.

Peeing when there is no toilets

5. Asking a friend to come with you to the 20-minute long toilet queue 

You’re having the time of your life at a party, and so is your best friend, or at least it seems like it, given how much she moves her head, she’ll probably have a stiff neck the next morning. And all of the sudden, you feel it, you need to pee. But there is one thing you’ve been dreading all night, it’s being bored stiff for 30 minutes while queuing for the bathroom. What kind of friend would abandon you for the longest 20 minutes of the night? None, we agree. 

6. Turning into a painter-sculptor, as you cover the toilet seat with toilet paper so you don’t have to sit on it

When I grow up, I’ll be… a painter-sculptor! Why looking for a career when we’re already spending most of our  time covering the toilet seat with toilet paper? Has our professional career always been obvious? Not a single centimeter of toilet seat sticks out. Professional work! On a more serious note, we seriously have to stop, we can’t use that much paper for so little…

7. Mastering apnea when in some toilets 

Here’s the scenario: 

It’s raining cats and dogs and you’re facing a pressing need. Great! You spot a toilet at the corner of the street. You’re avoiding a soaked outfit and get the chance to free your bladder. Not even a soul in front of said toilet! You could wait a little bit more, sheltered from the rain. But the smell is so bad. You don’t have time to hum and haw, you need a breath of air. Next time, you’ll take an umbrella. 

8. Choosing between cleanliness and privacy 

Questionable toilets or peeing between two cars. Privacy or cleanliness? In the first case, you won’t even dare to put your bag on the floor. In the other one, you’ll be vulnerable, on the lookout for the first passerby, and above all, in illegality. Between the two, our heart swings… or not.

9. Conquering your claustrophobia everytime you lock yourself in the bathroom

The bathroom’s lock is your biggest ally against unwanted visitors. But it’s also your biggest enemy. What if you stay stuck? Because yes, when you close the toilet door, there’s always that little voice in your head to remind you that a lock could be malfunctioning. From friendship to hate there is only one step, when your ally is the source of all your biggest fears.

10. Not having urinals for women nearby

All previous stories could have been avoided if only urinals for women were present in more places. Fast, ecological, equal. Why deprive ourselves of it, when the solution to our problems is so close to us? If we were you, I would follow someone called madamePee to know more about it…