Do you know the festive routine of a madamePee women’s urinal? Enter the dance of a festival setup, the madamePee journey begins at 50 miles per hour…

Only the roar of the truck on the asphalt disturbs the quietness of the vehicle. Lined up in tight rows, the madamPee female urinals are on their way to an unknown destination. For once, they can almost be called mobile toilets. It’s not for lack of repeating it, the madamePee urinal is just for peeing! Mobile on the other hand, the term is well chosen! Stacked like this in the 40-foot truck, the 25 cubicles are ready for a long trip. They are neatly arranged and take up no more space than a euro-pallet size. It must be said that they have even retracted the outside garbage can to ease the transport. In a few moments, an electric forklift will bring them down from their pedestal. The first time, some of them were afraid to tumble, it must be said that it is high! Quickly reassured, the maneuver is secured by a plate blocking the forks, they could almost do a ride.

The arrival on a new place is always great. The effervescence is at its maximum, the vehicles form a real ballet. Before the festival, the empty fields come to life, the tents are raised, the magic takes root. Soon, hordes of festival-goers will storm the alleys. Then, it is necessary to get ready, to align oneself, to straighten up. The madamePee’s roofs, until then folded for transportation, raise their color. For last minute adjustments, the urinal cubicles stretch out their hands, or rather their handles, and in a turn of the arm, here they are “- a little to the left”, “- a tad to the right” (a matter of perspective).

If madamePee’s female urinals are sometimes connected to the sewer, they are also perfectly autonomous when connected to their own tank. In this case, up to 600 visits are possible, or 200L of urine collected. It weighs a lot, but a quick emptying through the 60 mm pump plug and they are light enough to almost fly away!

For busy days, there is power in unity. Connected to each other and to an external tank, nothing can stop them. Today, it’s a bit special, the external tanks have been equipped with a urine stabilizer, the latter will be collected and transformed into bio-solution for agriculture. Very cool to know that all these festival-goers are participating in something bigger, just by taking a wee!

The festival is coming to an end and soon we’ll be cleaning up. It’s always very quick, because the madamePee urinals are partially open and allow for the cleanup water to drain away. And in the tank no standing liquid either! The cleaning plug allows them to drain. After a little nap (or not) at the depot, it is clean and dry that they will travel to the next event!