Have you ever seen one of our sweetPees cams? They’re all over social networks, giving a voice to our users. But what is a sweetPees cam? Well, sweetPees is the affectionate name we give to our community of users. And at madamePee, we love chatting with our sweetPees, and have even dedicated a patrol to them (but that’s a topic for another time). At events, festivals, races or even in town, we go out into the field to find out for ourselves how madamePee women’s urinals and misterPee urinals are perceived, used and appreciated. The best way to get this information is, of course, by talking to the people who use them!

Observe to understand, discuss to connect

So how exactly does it work? madamePee’s team takes over the city and the event’s sanitation areas. On site, we start observing… without scaring people. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re being watched when you go for a pee. Our aim is to understand how sanitary areas work, how flows are built up and what can generate waiting. These observations are invaluable to us in drafting implementation recommendations, and trying to improve the toilet experience through site construction. The observation phase also enables us to learn about how people use the madamePee, apart from its “pee” function. How do people open the door, without touching it, with their forearms, with their hands? Do they use the sanitizer provided? Do they seem comfortable with the product? This information is invaluable in our product research and development.

Then comes the really fun part, chatting with the sweetPees. What always delights us is the enthusiasm with which people agree to answer our questions. And that’s where our recording equipment comes in – camera, microphone, or simply pen and paper for those who aren’t comfortable being on screen.

  • How do you like the urinal, madamePee?
  • How did you find it?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Does it change the toilets experience?
  • Would you use it again?

And then we talk, listen and take notes. These interviews are invaluable to us.

At the heart of product creation

Firstly, it’s a great product training tool for our teams. Everyone goes through fieldwork and interviews. It’s essential for understanding the mindset of our users and, above all, their expectations. Product development can’t do without it. For communication and marketing, how do you address a community you don’t know, that you’ve never met? And for sales, users are our best influencers. After all, they’re the ones who can move the lines by demanding more egalitarian sanitary zones.

Asking for feedback gives us a concrete overview on what is appreciated about the urinal cubicle, but also on what can be improved – and that’s invaluable! It’s the essence of user-driven methodology. madamePee urinals are designed and improved thanks to user feedback.

To tell you a little more, user-driven design is not a one-off process, but an ongoing one. As the designer of the product, a bias sets in, so it’s important to call on your customers, partners and users.

Their view of the product is a rule that must be systematically borne in mind. This helps to build a method. It’s important for everyone to be in contact with users and customers, because sensations and interpretations are very personal, and every feeling is different.

So, whatever the position held at madamePee, everyone is trained to go out into the field. It’s part of the company’s DNA.

By listening to our sweetPees, we learn what they liked about the design, but also what they would have added, or done differently. For example, it was from interviews that we decided to add a support bar to our new urbanPee, to make it easier to use and more comfortable to sit on.

urinals for festivals

Hearing the thanks

Last but not least, sweetPees cams allow us to connect with our community of users. Once out of the factories, we sure keep our urinals in sight. We follow them to the streets and festivals. The opportunity to meet the sweetPees is the greatest reward of all. Firstly, because it always puts a smile on our faces, a fabulous boost that reminds us why we work. The sweetPees’ creativity in telling us about their experience never ceases to amaze us. But the icing on the cake is the thanks we hear at every outing of the madamePee urinals. In fact, we’ve made a little video of it!

If you like the idea of sweetPees cams, don’t miss our upcoming series on our social networks, Thursdays say!

See you soon 💃🏻