As the days grow longer, summer nights festivities call our names. Warmer temperatures bring countless outdoor events, evenings with friends, and DJ sets until dawn. For experienced festival-goers, the dreaded quest for clean and convenient toilets remains a significant challenge. An endless queue or a frenzied crowd? How do you reconcile hygiene, speed and privacy when you pee squatting?

Obviously our answer is to use a madamePee female urinal! And if you still need a little convincing, here’s 6 reasons why you just can’t go without!

  • No more waiting lines:

One of the main frustrations during festivals is the never-ending line for toilets, especially for women. madamePee female urinals have been designed to significantly reduce this longing, during which we could be doing so much cooler things. The availability of the cabin is easily visible from the outside, and prevents wasting time in front of empty cabins. In addition, our partners create well-thought-out sanitary zones to optimize the flow of people and avoid congestion. Festival-goers can fully enjoy the event without worrying about wasting valuable time.

  • Balanced sanitary installations:

Female urinals help balance the supply of portable toilets between men and women. We are working to reduce the imbalance between men’s toilets (which are more diverse and numerous) and women’s toilets, which are often less innovative and not adapted to their needs. Our goal is to ensure that for every male urinal installed, a female urinal is available as well, ensuring an equal offer for all festival-goers.

  • Improved hygiene:

madamePee female urinals are designed to prevent splashing and facilitate a no- touch position thanks to its patented ergonomic bowl. Its elongated shape is adapted to women’s physiology and prevents any urine build-up, whether it’s inside the bowl or on the edge. Hygienic, the cabin can be used without having to touch anything, and hand sanitizer is provided in every urinal to keep hands clean. No more disgusted faces on the way out of the toilets! In addition, water points can actually be used to fill water bottles. We know how thirsty it can get under the heat of some festivals!

  • Efficient resources management:

Unlike traditional toilets, madamePee’s urinals operate without water. On top of that, they don’t use chemical products, commonly found in plastic cabins, or wood chips, frequently used in dry toilets. This commitment to the environment has led to a partnership with Happee Services and Toopi Organics to collect and recycle urine into bio-solutions for agricultural use. This action reflects the dedication of many festivals to reduce their environmental footprint and to transition to more sustainable events.

  • Equality and engagement:

The introduction of female urinals in festivals is much more than just a convenience. By addressing the need for specific facilities for women, we hope to question the existing norms, and open the discussions on toilets access for everyone. The adoption of madamePee by festivals shows their commitment to gender equality and demonstrates they consider the comfort and well-being of every festival-goer, placing their experience at the top of the list.

  • Safety and privacy tailored to festival-goers’ needs:

madamePee individual cabins ensure privacy and comfort during use. Festival-goers can relieve themselves in peace, in dedicated women’s sanitary area, without fear of indiscreet looks or lack of security. Providing such an access drastically reduces wild peeing, often bad for the festivals’ image and sometimes unsafe. Furthermore, the ability to see if a cabin is occupied reassures women, knowing that no one will try to enter.

Women are not the only ones benefiting from a more intimate and secure environment. Some men, uncomfortable with urinal ramps and looking for more privacy, will appreciate the discretion provided by the individual misterPee urinals. Their hidden view is also appreciated by passers-by who may not be comfortable with open urinals.

By providing a “safe zone,” these urinals help to create a more serene and respectful environment.


To conclude, madamePee female urinals have become vital to the festival experience, offering obvious advantages in terms of hygiene, ecology, comfort, and gender equality.

The dreaded waiting lines are considerably reduced, giving more space to fully immerse in the festival ambiance with complete peace of mind!

So where shall we meet this summer?